Catch And Release

Why hasn’t Beto taken down the barriers at the border yet? Is there no room for rational discussion on border security when people like Kirsten Gillibrand are proposing social security benefits for illegal immigrants? Obama's former CBP Director, Mark Morgan joins Dan and Amy to discuss.

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Anti-Semitism Growing On The Left

How does Rep. Omar still have a seat on the House Foreign Affairs committee? Are we getting close to critical mass in evidentiary support for Trump's national emergency claim? Do those in even the Republican ranks underestimate the frustration in the country with the lawlessness at the border? Senior Editor for TheFederalist.com, David Harsanyi joins Dan and Amy to discuss.

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No One’s Blinking

Should Trump be swayed by the Democrats asking to open the government and then continue negotiations? How can Trump and Republicans best make the compassionate, humane argument for the wall against the Democrats and hysterics from mainstream media? Congressman Sean Duffy from Wisconsin joins Dan and Amy to discuss.

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Time To Declare Emergency At The Border?

Is Trump manufacturing a humanitarian crisis at the border as Pelosi and Schumer claim? What can be done to end the loopholes in our immigration laws? What can we do to work with countries so their citizens aren’t fleeing to the U.S.? How big of a problem are advocacy groups pushing the confrontation at the border? Policy analyst at Heritage Foundation, David Inserra joins Dan and Amy to discuss what he saw at the border.  

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Who Will Fold First?

Why not just reopen the fraction of the government currently furloughed and continue negotiating on border security funding? Does either side have an incentive to give in? New Democrat congresswoman like Ocasio-Cortez and Talib generate headlines but are they representative of the party at large? Does the longer the shutdown go on the more leverage Trump gains? Is anyone going to challenge the president in a 2020 primary? Editor of Washington Free Beacon, Matthew Continetti joins Dan and Amy to discuss.

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Border Wall Or Bust

Will House GOP members stand behind Trump's border wall funding or bust position? Will Senate Democrats play ball? Is Nancy Pelosi unable to cut a deal with Trump because she’ll otherwise lose her race for Speaker? What’s the big deal with a government shutdown anyway? Wisconsin Congressman Sean Duffy joins Dan and Kristen McQueary to discuss.

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Save Asia Bibi

The most profound action on immigration President Trump can take at present has nothing to do with walls, troops or 9th Circuit pronouncements.

It is to extend religious asylum to a Pakistani woman named Asia Bibi and her family.

Bibi survived eight years in a Pakistani gulag with the prospect of execution hanging over her head like the Sword of Damocles each day.

Her crime: being a Christian.

Since being released she and her family are under constant threat of assassination by the Islamofascists who’ve overrun Pakistan.

In a shameful episode of cowardice, putative peaceful pluralists in the West have turned a deaf ear to Bibi.

The opportunity for Trump to have his Emma Lazarus moment here is as yuge as is the moral imperative.

Provide a tutorial for Trump-haters and the DC press corps (I repeat myself) on the difference between economic migrants and asylum-seekers.

Reward the faith placed in you by the faithful of all faiths by demonstrating you will not abide religious persecution.

Shame the big talkers on multiculturalism now sitting idly by--from America’s Democrat Socialists to Western Europe’s Socialist Democrats to Pope Francis.

Mr. President, save Asia Bibi.


How Is Trump Shane?

Is Trump doing as well as he can in dealing with the caravan at the border? Would President Obama have let the caravans in with open arms? What do Republicans have to do politically and strategically to gain back once Republican strongholds? Why doesn’t Trump get more credit for being tougher than Obama in dealing with Russia?  National Review columnist and Senior Fellow at the Hoover Institution, Victor Davis Hanson joins Dan and Amy to discuss.

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Dispelling The Media Narrative At The Border

Are the Left’s cries against the use of tear gas at the border falling on deaf ears in lieu of providing their policy solution and an assessment of the implications? Were the vast majority of confrontations at the border with adult males despite the women and children narrative pushed by the media? Did Obama’s broad asylum policy create a detrimental precedent? How many more caravans are on the way? Executive Director at The Center for Immigration Studies, Mark Krikorian joins Dan and Amy to discuss.

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Cat And Mouse Game Between White House And Media

What are the new rules for the kindergarteners in the White House press room? Is it time for the media to do some self reflection on what their role is? Does the media still not believe the migrant caravan exists? Is there only something wrong with the system when Democrats lose? NY Post columnist and Fox News contributor, Michael Goodwin joins Dan and Amy to discuss.

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Fox Files Amicus Brief For CNN

Why did Fox file an amicus brief on behalf of CNN in their lawsuit against the White House? Is Trump forcing journalists to reveal their true selves as narcissists? Is the caravan “make believe” or a serious threat? Will Trump get funding for a border wall? When are they going to officially call the elections in Florida and will there be any consequences for officials in Broward County? Anchor of Special Report on Fox News, Bret Baier joins Dan and Amy to discuss.

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Long Way From Civility

What will it take for both sides of the extremes to quit doxxing and stalking elected officials and TV personalities like Tucker Carlson? Is Trump still looking to take executive action on immigration? Is there a 2000 redux happening in Florida? Any new names floating around for the new Attorney General position? Anchor of Special Report on Fox News, Bret Baier joins Dan and Scott Shellady to discuss.

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Activists Masquerading As Journalists

Did poor Jim Acosta from CNN get his WH credentials removed just for simply asking a question? Is the grandstanding and exaggeration of the republic at risk from the DC press corps sitting well with the American people? Is Trump called a divisive character because he won't surrender to the left? CNN contributor, Steve Cortes joins Dan and Amy to discuss.

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Fear Mongering Vs. Reality

Is school choice on top of the ballot to even the playing field in any states? Can people differentiate between opinion host Sean Hannity and the “journalist” in Michigan bad mouthing GOP Senate candidate John James before she hung up the phone? If Republicans are just “fear mongering” about the caravan then why are Democrats running from the issue? Fox News contributor, Juan Williams joins Dan and Amy to discuss.

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“Moderate” Blue Wave

Does Gov. Walker have the unique capability to run on his successful record? Why are some of these races so close like Walker’s at the state level and the Senate race in Arizona? Why are Democrats running on healthcare after they broke it? Is it possible for Trump to campaign on the great economy and tough immigration reform? Wisconsin Congressman, Sean Duffy joins Dan and Amy to discuss.

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Jobs Vs. Mobs

Are Republicans waiting for the jobs report to lock everything up? Are jobs and the economy still the number one issue? What about immigration? Does the oncoming caravan have Democrats on the defensive? Is Trump acting “presidential” leading up the midterms? How is Gillum, a Democratic-Socialist, even competing in Florida? What about pickups in Midwestern states? Senior editor at Hotair.com, Ed Morrissey joins Dan and Amy to discuss.

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Birthright Citizenship And The Constitution

What is the constitutional case against birthright citizenship according to the 14th Amendment? What was the primary purpose of the 14th Amendment? When was the last time the Supreme Court dealt with this issue? What’s the potential issue with Trump’s executive order despite the President having a wide range of power dealing with national security? Heritage Foundation legal analyst, Amy Swearer joins Dan and Amy to discuss.

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No Decision Made On Saudi Arabia’s Punishment

Are sanctions against the Saudis the next move in response to the Khashoggi murder investigation? Why does Lindsey Graham think it’s a good idea to call for regime change? What is Trump going to do about the Honduras caravan headed to the border? Is the GOP having an October comeback? Anchor of Special Report on Fox News, Bret Baier joins Dan and Amy to discuss.

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Son Of Immigrants Makes The Case Against Open Borders

Do even those in the center politically know we need control over our borders? Is it controversial to propose merit based immigration? What should be the GOP's strategy to peel off Latino voters in key Senate races? National Review editor, Reihan Salam joins Dan and Amy to discuss his new book on immigration policy, "Melting Pot or Civil War?"

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GOP Abandoning Law And Order Message

Law enforcement raided an Islamofascist compound in New Mexico where children were being trained to be killers. Where’s the media covering this? Is the GOP making a mistake in pushing off border security until after the midterms? Founder of the American Islamic Forum for Democracy, Dr. Zuhdi Jasser joins Dan and Amy to discuss.

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