inspector general

Stolen Justice

How could the Epstein suicide happen as the most high profile inmate? Will his accusers still get justice? What are investigators hoping to find on his private island? Did members of the FBI not think that after investigating a sitting President that there would be others who would want to check their homework? Mike Rogers, former FBI special agent and Congressman from Michigan, joins Dan and Amy to discuss.

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DC Press Corps Coverage Of 2020 Candidates

Does Biden have the grassroots enthusiasm? What’s the problem between Kamala Harris and the DC press corps? Are we going to see indictments after the release of the Inspector General report? Editor and publisher of the American Thinker, Thomas Lifson joins Dan and Amy to discuss.

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Mueller’s Smear Job

Would any other person be under arrest and facing prosecution for what was revealed about Trump in the Mueller report as Sen. Warren suggests? Did Mueller and his team go beyond being thorough? Was the report written to smear Trump as much as possible? Should members of the Obama Administration be worried about the upcoming Inspector General report? Former Asst. U.S. Attorney, Sidney Powell joins Dan and Amy to discuss.

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“Bombshell After Bombshell”

Was the Mueller report not that shocking because we already knew most of the information in it? Would Trump be in trouble if his subordinates actually followed his orders? Was the Mueller investigation necessary to put 2016 behind us? Can we fully close the book on 2016 with the Inspector General report pending? Associate editor at Commentary Magazine, Noah Rothman joins Dan and Amy to discuss.

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Don’t Drain The Baby With The Bathwater



Intimidated by Hillary’s lawyers.

Improper gifts.

Lack of impartiality.

The IG’s report makes Democrats’ dreams of a Trump impeachment inconceivable.

So complete is the Trump vindication that the Left has regressed back to trying to figure out whether or not they’re supposed to like Jim Comey.

Trump should press his advantage here by consummating his anti-ruling-class value proposition.

The public doesn’t want the FBI and DOJ to go away. They just don’t want the senior leadership of those agencies to be conniving political operatives who believe themselves to be above the law.

Both are headed by Trump appointees now. The President should make a very public play to take a very active role in working with Christopher Wray and Jeff Sessions—or replacing if need be—to make the personnel and policy changes necessary for culture change and credibility restoration.

Much of the positive disruption President Trump has brought to the Beltway has been through simply doing what he said he would do as candidate Trump. It confounds the men and women of always.

Trump ran as a law and order candidate. The FBI and DOJ are instrumental institutions to the rule of law and public order in America.

Trump would bedevil his critics once again if chose this moment to be an institutional rebuilder.