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The End Of Speech Codes On Campuses?

Is Trump's EO on campus speech already paying dividends? Are diversity equity and inclusion statements for promotions at colleges a screening device to weed out non leftists in academia? What is the social justice translation for vindictive protectiveness? Rutgers psychology professor, Lee Jussim joins Dan and Amy to discuss.

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Charles Cooke: Standing For Conservatism In The Age Of Trump

Before his election, many conservatives had reservations about Donald Trump's commitment to limited government, and some still do. Charles Cooke, editor of National Review Online, has been one of the leading voices for skepticism of Trump's small government credentials, while still giving credit to Trump for his early accomplishments. On this edition of Against the Current, Dan Proft talks to Cooke about conservatism in the age of Trump, intellectual diversity at National Review and how the right should be defending its values. In this wide-ranging discussion, Proft and Cooke cover everything from defending free markets to free speech, the second amendment, social values and much more.