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McCarthy: Public Servant Not A Politician

According to Gary McCarthy, Rahm and his corporate counsel engaged in a cover-up (on the civil side) of the Laquan McDonald case to suppress video, including a $5 million payout to family. So who really was responsible for the entire fiasco? What does he plan to do for police and fire pensions that are only funded at 20-25%? Is Rahm’s idea of borrowing more to pay off debt a good idea? Former CPD Superintendent and current mayoral candidate, Garry McCarthy joins Dan and Amy to discuss the Van Dyke trial and his candidacy.

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City Braces For Violent Protests Awaiting The Van Dyke Trial

Does the city need a guilty verdict in the Van Dyke trial to avoid riots? Should they start educating the community and offering counseling now if once the facts are presented he will be acquitted? Former Chicago Police Officer, Brian Warner joins Dan and Amy to discuss the upcoming Jason Van Dyke trial and reflect on his own encounter where he had to fire his weapon.

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Chicago FOP President: Van Dyke Will Be Found Not Guilty

Former CPD officer Jason Van Dyke speaks for the first time since his shooting of Laquan McDonald and in advance of his murder trial. Are we going to get answers surrounding the reason for the 16 shots? What about the chatter of Van Dyke using racially charged language? Chicago FOP President, Kevin Graham joins Dan and Amy to discuss.

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Preview Of The Jason Van Dyke Trial

Jason Van Dyke's trial date has been set to begin on September 5. Any chance of the trial being moved out of the state? Is there an incentive to plead the case out? Are both sides conscience of the backdrop of the trial in the Chicago’s mayoral election? Van Dyke’s attorney, Dan Herbert, joins Dan and Amy to preview the trial.

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Dan Proft & Amy Jacobson Interview Dan Herbert and Bob Milan

Dan Herbert, defense attorney for Chicago police officer Jason Van Dyke, joined Chicago's Morning Answer to make the case that Van Dyke reasonably feared for his life and his shooting of Laquan McDonald was justified under the law.

Former Cook County State's Attorney's Office First Assistant Bob Milan joined us to discuss the series of police-involved shootings Cook County State's Attorney Anita Alvarez has bungled, in his view, and offered his take on the specifics of the Laquan McDonald case. Milan doesn't mince words.

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