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Chicago’s Bad Business Model

How do we explain why major cities like Chicago are having problems hiring more police and protecting its neighborhoods and cities like San Francisco that are struggling to deal with the homeless population and diseases? Are Chicago politicians looking to raise more revenue in order to buy more time? How is Chicago still struggling at the peak of our economy? Founder and President of strongtowns.org, Chuck Marohn joins Dan and Amy to discuss.

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FOP's Battle With Lightfoot

Should Mayor Lightfoot be discussing “rumors” with the media alleging that officers were told to stand down on Memorial Day weekend? Could the FOP work with Lightfoot to put pressure on the State’s Attorney’s office to actually prosecute violent criminals? Do FOP members have a full understanding of how severe the pension problem is? Chicago FOP President, Kevin Graham joins Dan and Amy to discuss his tentative meeting this week with Mayor Lightfoot.

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Bloody Memorial Day Weekend In Chicago

Seven dead. Thirty-nine shot and wounded this weekend in Chicago. Is morale at an all time low in the police department? Are the ideologues in charge on the 5th Floor at City Hall and Cook County not interested in practical solutions? Chicago FOP President, Kevin Graham joins Dan and Amy to discuss.

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Chicago’s Debt Is Worse Than You Thought

Is Mayor-Elect Lori Lightfoot considering bankruptcy? How does Chicago have the highest taxpayer burden even though we have balanced budget requirements? Truth in Accounting Founder, Sheila Weinberg joins Dan and Amy to discuss their new report on the biggest taxpayer burden in major metro areas.

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The End Of Chicago

On April 2nd, Chicago will make history with its first duly-elected black, female mayor—and likely its first lesbian mayor.

The real significance of the election will be to signal the completion of Chicago’s transition from The Superfans to The SuperFrench; from Grabowskis in hard hats to political mobsters sporting soft cuticles.

The two mayoral finalists are distinctions without a difference. One argues for taxing hotels to publicly fund artists while the other advocates for taxing everything from sugary drinks to bullets.

Chicago has gone from the City That Works to the city that works you over.

Middle-income families have declined three-fold in the last two decades.

Black families are fueling a second Great Migration, this time away from Chicago.

Chicago was always a cut me in or cut it out town.

The kleptocrats cut in the Socialists to the exclusion of all else. So that’s all who’s left.

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Who Does Willie Wilson Endorse For Mayor?

How much of a difference, policy wise, is there between Lightfoot and Preckwinkle? If policies stay the same, will black families continue to leave? What are Willie Wilson’s future plans? Dr. Willie Wilson joins Dan and Amy to discuss who he is going to endorse for mayor of Chicago.

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Chicago FOP Reaction To Mayoral Election

Is Lightfoot the favorite heading into the mayoral runoff? Will either of the future mayors work with the Chicago police and have their back? Although the Chicago Police demonstrated incredible thoroughness in the Jussie Smollett hoax case, what can they do to solve more crimes of gun violence in the city? Chicago FOP President, Kevin Graham joins Dan and Amy to discuss.

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Historic Chicago Mayor's Race

What does Toni Preckwinkle have to show for her 30 years of public service? Highest black unemployment rate, worst housing market in an urban center, violent crime, an education system rife with scandals? Is that how she’s going to beat Lori Lightfoot? What about Lightfoot’s relationship with Chicago Police? Tribune Columnist, John Kass joins Dan and Amy with a mayoral recap.

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Lightfoot Calls Out Rahm’s “Epic Failure Of Leadership”

Will the CPS sex abuse scandal end Tiny Dancer's two-term recital? How come Rahm rushes to take credit for good test scores and universal preschool, but not criminal behavior of its employees? Chicago mayoral candidate Lori Lightfoot joins Dan and Kristen to discuss the CPS sex abuse scandal on Tiny Dancer's watch and why we can’t allow him to get away with it.

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Mark Shaw On The Need For New GOP leadership

Struggling electorally and lacking clear vision on policy, the Illinois Republican Party could be in need of new leadership. Lake County Republican Chairman Mark Shaw thinks he can offer that, in replace of current Chairman Tim Schneider. On this edition of Illinois Rising, Mark Shaw tells Dan Proft exactly what he thinks the Illinois GOP needs to be successful politically and on a policy front. Proft and Illinois Policy writer Joe Kaiser also talk to state Sen. Dan McConchie, R-Hawthorne Wood, about his efforts to ease Illinoisans' high property tax burden. And Proft and Kaiser discuss new developments in the Chicago mayoral race, as well as suburban lawmakers position on the Democrats' progressive tax.