Red States Got Redder, Blue States Got Bluer

What’s the political landscape looking like now that it’s settled? Is it bold for Trump to compare himself to Reagan after only serving two years in office? Would it be difficult for any Democrats to cut a deal with Trump and anger their base? Was it not presidential but predictable of Trump to threaten to pull subsidies to GM because of their layoffs? Is a government shutdown the only leverage Trump has for border wall funding? Senior Editor at Hotair.com, Ed Morrissey joins Dan and Amy to discuss.

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The Long Journey To A Zero Tariff World

Kudlow says Trump is still committed to zero tariff, zero subsidy, zero non-tariff barrier world. But how long is that going to take? If the U.S. doesn’t use tariffs as leverage with China, how else are we going to be able to change their behavior? Is the media sensationalizing the GM layoffs, but forgetting about the surplus of other blue collar jobs that have been added? CNN Chief Economist, Steve Moore joins Dan and Amy to discuss.

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How To Rebuild IL Manufacturing

The Great Lakes' states have traditionally been America's powerhouses for manufacturing – but that's not the case anymore for Illinois. As Illinois' Midwestern neighbors prosper, Illinois manufacturing falters. On this edition of Against the Current, Dan Proft talks to Zach Mottl, a fourth-generation manufacturing business owner and manufacturing advocate, about what policies need to be put in place both in Illinois and at the federal level to boost manufacturing jobs. Mottl dispels some myths often pushed in Springfield as to why the state can't reform its workers' compensation system or lower its property taxes, and Proft and Mottl discuss U.S. trade policy and what the country can do better.


What Is The Next Chapter For American Manufacturing?

What is the next chapter for American manufacturing? And why are manufacturers optimistic again? Patricia Miller, CEO of Matrix 4, Inc, joins Dan & Amy to discuss her meeting with President Trump, the policies that inhibit manufacturing growth, and the message she would send to legislators in Springfield.


Bipartisan Bailout Of Energy Companies Would Be Another Hit To IL Manufacturers

Dan Proft & Amy Jacobson talked with Steve Rauschenberger, President of the Illinois Technology and Manufacturing Association, about the creation of manufacturing jobs (or lack thereof) in the past 8 years. Since the recession, Illinois has only created 20,000 new jobs while neighboring states like Michigan have created almost 9x as many. 

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We Need To Send Money Away From The Govt. And Back To The States

Dan Proft & Amy Jacobson talked with Stephen Moore, WSJ Columnist, Chief Economist for the Heritage Foundation & Donald Trump Campaign advisor, about the proposed 1 trillion dollar infrastructure spend plan and how it will affect American businesses. 

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