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Who Does Willie Wilson Endorse For Mayor?

How much of a difference, policy wise, is there between Lightfoot and Preckwinkle? If policies stay the same, will black families continue to leave? What are Willie Wilson’s future plans? Dr. Willie Wilson joins Dan and Amy to discuss who he is going to endorse for mayor of Chicago.

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What Paradigm Shift?

Do we need a Lifetime special or a HBO documentary to get anyone to pay attention to the CPS sexual abuse scandal? Why are the mayoral candidates and Chicago press corps shrugging their shoulders at an outside law firm being hired to investigate over 1,000 cases of abuse against children? Dan and Amy discuss the cowardly cover given to Chicago Public schools from the city’s elite.

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Potential Upset In The Mayoral Race?

How is Willie Wilson going to use his business experience to get the city out of debt? Everyone is concerned with the city budget, but what about the budgets of families with no connections who can barely afford to live here? What exact taxes would he lower? Mayoral candidate, Dr. Willie Wilson joins Dan and Amy with his closing argument.

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Chicago Falling Behind

Why does Chicago barely crack the list for the top 200 urban markets in the country? Is creating an entertainment district in the suburbs going to generate enough revenue to pay the city’s operational costs? Does New York’s forthcoming restaurant recession due to the minimum wage increase an ominous sign for Chicago? How can the city boost its homicide clearance rate? Mayoral candidate, Gery Chico joins Dan and Amy to discuss.

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Has Beens Vs. Have Nots

With tomorrow’s cold and snowy forecast, will the election process produce another anointing of the next mayor? Does Chicago want to change? What have been the damaging effects of the ACLU and the DOJ’s influence on the police department? What should be done to reduce the size and costs of city government? Mayoral candidate, Garry McCarthy joins Dan and Amy on election eve.

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Stockholm Syndrome Plaguing Chicago Voters

Will there finally be a reckoning for those in power in Chicago? Are all of the political lords going to start turning on each other? What will it take to change the political culture in the city and state? Dan and Amy discuss the latest Sun Times' story reporting on FBI tapes of Madigan and Danny Solis’ unique interests and habits while alderman.

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Chicago Receives Another ‘F Grade

How much would each taxpayer in Chicago need to send to city hall to break even? $36,000. That isn’t even including Chicago Public Schools or Park District's costs and debts. Is the city running out of backs to put the city’s pension debt on? Are politicians and mayoral candidates coming up with different schemes to kick the can down the road instead of fixing the problem now? Founder of Truth in Accounting, Sheila Weinberg joins Dan and Amy to discuss their latest "State of the Cities" report.

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Race Against The Machine

Will Dorothy Brown make it on the ballot despite Preckwinkle’s challenge? How is Brown going to transform the education system? How is the city going to get the revenue for the $40 billion worth of unfunded pension liabilities? Is she still the target of any federal investigations? Cook County Circuit Court Clerk and mayoral candidate, Dorothy Brown joins Dan and Amy to discuss.

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Breaking The Code Of Silence

Is there anything any candidates in Chicago have to offer besides gambling, drugs, and big government? How does Paul Vallas plan on capping property taxes? Should everyone associated with Burke step out of the Mayor’s race? Would Vallas rather expose the entire crony closed network or send another Chicago politician off to jail? Mayoral candidate, Paul Vallas joins Dan and Amy to discuss.

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Chicago’s Attack On Taxpayers

Was Alderman Burke extorting business owners just for his love of the city? Should Burke and Munoz who is accused of domestic violence by his wife be bounced from City Council? How many more businesses and jobs would there be if it wasn’t for the corrupt culture in Chicago? Who is being shut out of the government in Chicago? Mayoral candidate and state representative, LaShawn Ford joins Dan and Amy to discuss.

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Vallas’ Financial Plan For Chicago

Is Chicago the worst governed big city in the country? How can the City incentivize people to invest in low-income areas if they are unsafe? Is Vallas suggesting taking advantage of the tax incentives in the Trump tax bill? Why aren’t we scaling already proven successful models? Can he promise to cap property taxes if elected? Chicago mayoral candidate, Paul Vallas joins Dan and Amy to discuss. 

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Changing The Guard In Chicago’s Mayoral Race

“If you didn’t have the guts to run for mayor of Chicago when Rahm was in office, what will make the public believe that you have the guts to make tough decisions to move the city forward.” Is it a new day in Chicago or same old day with a new face? Does the city need a problem solver rather than another politician? Paul Vallas joins Dan and Amy to make the case that it’s him you should want.

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Tiny Dancer Bows Out

Unlike Daley, did Rahm getting pushed out by the city and not the political insiders? Is Rahm looking to cut a deal with someone he can endorse? Did he accomplish anything? Does the political machine still have the same power they once held? Where’s the Republican Party? Chicago Tribune columnist, John Kass joins Dan and Amy to discuss the curtains closing on Mayor Emanuel and to share his take on the city’s mayoral race.  

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Cashman Willie Wilson

Is Willie just doing his part since the city’s politicians are robbing people of their homes? Are people in Chicago not used to politicians doing good works with their own money rather than using other people’s money? Since when is the Chicago press corps so concerned about corrupting the wonderful legal and political system in the city? Chicago Mayoral Candidate, Willie Wilson joins Dan and Amy to discuss.

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Throw Money At It

In another shocking example of the lack of accountability in government, a Chicago Tribune investigation found Chicago Public Schools employees sexually abused hundreds of students over the last ten years. In this week's Two Minute Warning, Pat Hughes warns that just like they do with every problem, politicians will throw money at Chicago Public Schools, but they won’t do anything to fix the real problems.


Dan Proft & Maze Jackson

On this edition of Against The Current, Dan Proft sits down with Chicago Defender Political Editor and WVON Radio political commentator Maze Jackson to discuss race and politics and racial politics in Chicago and on college campuses. The two review the Laquan McDonald case in the context of the Chicago political power structure (that extends to Springfield). Which heads should roll? What should be done? Who is/is not representing the black community at present? Should Dan Proft be a creative consultant to #BlackLivesMatter? And might Maze Jackson be the first entrant into the 2019 mayoral race? Get all the answers on this installment of ATC.

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