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Anti-Conservative Bias At Pinterest

How do companies like Pinterest and Google decide which content they believe attributes to the best vision for America? How did the Pinterest whistleblower finally get the courage to speak out against the company? Can conservatives band together and create their own social media platforms? Christian author and host of the Roy’s Report, Julie Roys joins Dan and Amy to discuss.

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Perfect Storm For Big Tech

How has Big Tech successfully made enemies on both sides of the aisle? Would the editors of Wikipedia rather go after a person offering a correction instead of just correcting the issue? Are the same people who are outraged when Trump calls the media the “enemy of the people” also outraged when Google goes after conservatives and labels them as “nazis?” Investigative journalist, Sharyl Attkisson joins Dan and Amy to discuss.

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Media Bias On Gun Violence

Is there any merit to gun control advocates’ argument to ban silencers because they think it’s harder for law enforcement to find the shooter? Are gun free zone laws that leave victims defenseless the real problem in the Virginia Beach shooting and other mass shootings that have been committed? President of Crime Prevention Research Center, John Lott Jr. joins Dan and Amy to discuss.

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Exposing The DC Press Corps

Is the DC press corps’ smear pattern being exposed? Where were the hard hitting journalists’ security concerns when the Sec. Of State had a private email server in her basement? Is the media redefining the truth? Why does Facebook always get targeted but not Twitter? Former CBS foreign correspondent, Lara Logan joins Dan and Amy to discuss.

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“What Did We Get Wrong”

Is the question not what the media got wrong, but what did they actually get right? Was the media not only just careless about Trump’s reputation, but actively trying to do anything they could to take him out? Former CBS News foreign correspondent, Lara Logan joins Dan and Amy to discuss.

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Satisfying The Base

Are Democrats not looking to get into a fight with their base in reprimanding Rep. Omar Ilhan and her defenders? Did the Republican strategy of trying to paint Democrats as extreme in 2008 lead to their failure? Was the overdue Washington Post correction of their coverage of the Covington High School kids a result of the lawsuit they’re facing? Senior Political Correspondent at the Washington Examiner, David Drucker joins Dan and Amy to discuss.

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Lack Of Healthy Skepticism In DC Press Corps

What has the reaction been from Lara Logan’s former colleagues in the media since she called out their bias? Why are journalists pretending to be objective when they could just be upfront about their beliefs? Why does the press cling to hero and victim stories without fact checking? Former CBS News foreign correspondent, Lara Logan joins Dan and Amy to discuss.

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Every Decision Is Political

How should the performance of the the DC press corps be assessed over their handling of the Kavanaugh confirmation? Is there any distinction from the media and the Democratic Party? Do we have to remember that the media is more powerful than any of the branches of government? Founder of Project Veritas, James O’Keefe joins Dan and Amy to discuss.

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DC Press Corps All Of A Sudden Cares About Taxes

Is the economic impact of tariffs the only tax the DC press corps cares about? Where’s the fair and complete analysis of the tax cuts? What about the impact of tax hikes on personal, corporate, and capital? Why is Trump still misunderstanding the meaning of trade deficits? CNBC Contributor, Jim Iuorio joins Dan and Amy to discuss. 

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Tell Me About The Rabbits, Blase

“The Pope has a bigger agenda. He's got to get on with other things, of talking about the environment and protecting migrants and carrying on the work of the church. We're not going to go down a rabbit hole on this.”

Those were the words of Cardinal Blase Cupich of the Archdiocese of Chicago in the wake of credible accusations that Pope Francis had guilty knowledge of sexual misconduct within his inner circle and did nothing.

The Pope’s response to the assertion he did nothing is to say nothing.

The Cupich and Francis responses are telling in their familiar ring.

Both are ideological.

Cupich’s flacking is of the Weinstein variety: my work is too important to indulge distractions about my behavior.

Pope Francis’ imperious silence makes it clear he doesn’t answer to you.

The posturing of these two is more contrived than Jimmy Swaggart’s “I have sinned” sobbing.

Francis and Cupich are conducting themselves like politicians in damage control to protect their personal ambitions rather than as faith leaders tending to a wounded flock to protect the Church.

Cupich’s misdirection and Francis’ silence aren’t going to fly.

Nothing short of a complete accounting and a full reckoning for the horrors that were unleashed and excused inside the Catholic Church is acceptable.


Labeling The DC Press Corps

Sarah Sanders refused to oblige CNN’s Jim Acosta’s demand to remove the “enemy of the people” moniker President Trump has bestowed upon the DC press corps.

I guess the Secret Service protection Sanders now requires amid the calls from that same press corps’ fellow travelers to subject her to a lifetime of public harassment has Sanders not particularly interested in what Acosta thinks he deserves.

Is the DC press corps a protector of the people? Is it a professional Fourth Estate acting as a check on the ruling class? Those descriptions don’t seem to fit either, do they?

Not all the members of the DC press corps are enemies to all of the people.

But the great majority are devotees of every big government gambit launched since the New Deal.

They cheer the economically illiterate agitprop of a millennial bartender and the communist virtue-signaling of a backup quarterback.

They want to force men into your daughter’s locker room, Howard Zinn into her classroom, and religion out of her life.

They call for our discourse to be elevated while welcoming a racist simp to the New York Times editorial board.

They champion policies and policymakers who oppose free minds and interfere in free markets.

Maybe the word to describe such people is not “enemy” but I know it’s not “friend” either.


From The Noble Lie To Ignoble Truths

I don’t think Plato had former CIA Director Gen. Michael Hayden’s tweet comparing Trump immigration policy to the Birkenau death camp at Auschwitz in mind when he conceived of the noble lie.

Nor would Plato likely place under the noble lie header the DC press corps’ magical storytelling about a 2-year-old Time magazine cover girl who was separated from her father in Honduras by her mother but never separated from her mother by border patrol or anyone named Trump, not even Peter Fonda’s nemesis, Barron.

Noblesse oblige no more.

The lies told by elites these days are intended to foment social unrest not cohesion.

The ignoble truth is that today’s elites cover their tracks by feeding the public supersized whoppers to stunt their appetites for edifying information and dull their attention spans.

Never mind that the fix was in at FBI. See Trump’s criticism of Comey, et al., as a veiled predicate to martial law.

Never mind that family separation was not new policy at the border and that only the enforcement of it was new. Instead, understand this as an existential battle not for border security but against bigotry.

In other news, Paul Manafort has pled guilty to a violent crime for which he was not charged. ABC News reporting.


Elder And Proft On Kanye, Race, And Trump

Is the Democratic Party detrimental to black Americans? Can the GOP convert minorities without dismantling the welfare state? What effect does the left-leaning media and academia have on culture and opportunity? In this special episode of Against The Current, Bestselling Author and nationally syndicated talk show host Larry Elder, 'the Sage of South Central' joins Dan Proft for an in-depth discussion on race, culture and identity politics in America. Elder also explains Trump's likeness to Reagan and why Kanye is good for conservatives.


James O’Keefe On Exposing Media Bias

Do journalists still have the courage to expose and unmask the truth? Do Americans know they are being lied to by the media? What will it take to put an end to the propaganda? Founder of Project Veritas and author of “Breakthrough: Our Guerilla War to Expose Fraud and Save Democracy,” James O’Keefe joins Dan and Amy to discuss his upcoming appearance in Chicago sponsored by the Heartland Institute.

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Immigration: The Winning Equation For Trump

Is the majority of the electorate on board with sanctuary city policies? Is it possible Trump didn't know his lawyer paid off Stormy Daniels? Is this a good reminder for those close to Trump to advise him to not sit down with Mueller under oath? Is the left in a dreamland suggesting journalists have no agenda or particular worldview that affects their news coverage? Anchor of Special Report on Fox News, Bret Baier joins Dan and Amy to discuss.

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The DC Press Corps & Dictators

“North Korea heads for diplomacy gold medal at Olympics,” was the Reuters headline.

“Kim Jong-un’s sister is stealing the show at the Olympics,” CNN reported breathlessly.

This is the same DC press corps that comes apart at the seams in response to the slightest of provocative tweets or bellicose rhetoric from Trump.

Could the press be even more attention-starved than the President?

Or is the glowing review of North Korea’s chief propagandist just professional courtesy from our chief propagandists?

The only other option is that our big government press corps is genuine in their appreciation.

It wouldn’t be the DC press corps’ first dalliance with a dictator.

The New York Times didn’t believe Hitler was sincere in his anti-Semitism. They spent the run-up to the Third Reich profiling Hitler as a Bavarian gentleman who enjoyed “strolls with his three sheep dogs along majestic mountain trails.”

The New Republic was similarly enthralled with the Bolshevik Revolution that brought Stalin to power remarking upon Stalin’s “energy” and “positiveness”.

When both Trump and the DC press corps were recently given the opportunity to honor someone on the international stage, Trump chose Otto Warmbier. The DC press corps chose the regime that murdered him.



Discussing Culture And Politics With Kevin Williamson

National Review columnist Kevin Williamson was an early critic of Donald Trump's candidacy for president, considering Trump out of step with what many conservatives and advocates for small government stand for. A year after Trump's election to that office, how has the larger political conversation changed, if at all, for advocates of limited government? On this edition of Against the Current, Dan Proft talks to Williamson about the first year of Trump's presidency, his rise to the office and where the president truly falls ideologically. What was Trump's value proposition in getting elected, and should Republicans and conservatives embrace his agenda? They also discuss how different institutions – such as the entertainment industry and the media – drive culture on both the left and the right, influencing political discourse and outcomes. 


Ignoring The Institutionalization Of Injustice at IRS

Sometimes an apology and a check is all the justice that one can obtain in a world with imperfect remedies.

That is not the case with the IRS.

The DOJ settled two class action lawsuits against the IRS involving nearly 500 unique parties who shared a common complaint: they had been improperly and arguably illegally targeted by the IRS for their religious or political beliefs.

Americans who had their Constitutionally-guaranteed first freedoms violated received an undisclosed financial settlement and a half-hearted apology. 

The IRS chalked it up to mismanagement rather than what it was: the most powerful non-military agency of the US government attempting to silence Americans with whom those in charge disagreed on religion and politics.

Asking for the contents of an organization’s daily affirmations, as the IRS did, is not incompetence. It’s predation.

So how is it that the self-styled champions of the little guy in the DC press corps have left this to be one of the most egregiously underreported stories of government abuse in recent memory?

Where are the Woodwards and Bernsteins who purport to serve as a check on the powerful and a vanguard of liberty?

Where are the cloying rinse-and-repeat cable news hosts weeping on command to commiserate with the IRS’ victims?

There’s a legal maxim that justice delayed is justice denied.  With respect to the IRS abuses, this was justice delayed, denied and ignored.

Hollywood’s Men Without Chests

Victor Davis Hanson had the best one-line summary of Trump’s Presidential campaign suggesting that the basic Trump message was: I know the elites in media, Hollywood, big business, and politics and they’re even worse than you think.

Whether or not you think Trump, who came into the campaign as one of those elites also fits that description, the rest of the cultural mavens in question are certainly living down to it.

Now comes Harvey Weinstein, the human stain that won’t come clean because those who knew didn’t for decades.

But how could they? After all, Weinstein is just an extreme version of them, a difference in degree not kind.

The revolting Weinstein is the personification of the darkness that lurks inside the Hollywood beautiful people—and the pols and media types who sidle up to them—now climbing over each other to denounce the conduct about which they previously joked.

But they’re ever ready to trade sensitivity for sensuality. To look the other way requires only that they be rewarded for doing so.

Thus, Brad Pitt can confront Weinstein about his treatment of Pitt’s then girlfriend Gwyneth Paltrow only to subsequently do two movies with Weinstein.

To borrow from C.S. Lewis, they are Hollywood’s men and women without chests. They may possess intellect and they certainly have appetites but they are devoid of truth or any belief in it.

They are the incomplete humans that give rise to monsters like Weinstein.


Jimmy Kimmel Doesn't Understand Anything

Jimmy Kimmel asked what part of the new healthcare bill does he not understand. Turns out, he doesn’t understand anything he just said. Who made Kimmel the moral authority on healthcare? Kimmel is feigning his concern for the common man to project what a great dad he is and how he’s just like you. Too bad his proposed policy is a cause of American suffering.

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