Nancy Pelosi’s Humanity

No one sets the bar unrealistically high for the woman who gave us “we have to pass the bill for you to find out what’s in it”—the unintentionally definitive statement on both Obamacare and the legislative process.

This is the same woman who compared persons who chose to come to America illegally to Japanese-Americans who were involuntarily imprisoned during WWII.

Nancy Pelosi’s talent for turning moral indignation into a punchline is as boundless as her bigot-baiting.

So I couldn’t feign surprise when I learned Pelosi has a big heart for those with a predilection for cutting out the hearts of others.

Such is her unyielding allegiance to the Catechism that Pelosi sees the “spark of divinity” where the nonbeliever can see only a muzzle flash.

To label as “animals” professional murderers who hack people to death with machetes, enslave women in the sex trade, and worship Satan is to rob them of their humanity, per Pelosi.

As a visionary, Pelosi understands that those MS-13 rapscallions are but a $15 minimum wage and a free ride to Swarthmore away from one day joining her caucus.

Nancy Pelosi has a big heart indeed. But do you want it two beats away from the Presidency?