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Live From FJ Kerrigan Plumbing In Wilmette

Dan and John Kass are live from FJ Kerrigan Plumbing in Wilmette on the AM 560/Signature Bank Business Tour. Owner, Jerry Kerrigan, joins the guys to discuss the third generation plumbing business and what policies he would like to see to make it easier for him to do business in Illinois.

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Equity Has No Home Here

Why are the property taxes in North Cook County at least double and some nearly three times the national average? Do people not want to confront their high property tax bills affecting their home value? Think there’s nothing you can do about it? What about your municipal elections in April? Dan and Amy discuss the latest regional property tax report in North Cook county.

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Champagne Socialists Seizing The North Shore

“Liberals don’t want to have a debate. They want to say you’re morally inferior if you don’t believe in our policies of higher taxes, minimum wage increases, and more government spending.” Do liberals, such as those in the North Shore, practice capitalism but reject it in theory? Are local Republicans to blame for not speaking up? Wall Street Journal Columnist, Senior Economist for CNN, and former Donald Trump advisor, Stephen Moore joins Dan and Amy to discuss.

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Bolt Or Revolt? Latest On IL Property Taxes

On Friday (March 3rd), Dan & Amy discussed the latest exclusive regional report on Illinois property taxes from Dan's community newspapers (NorthCookNews.com). The region examined this time: Northwest Suburban Cook County. The question, will you revolt in favor of a better property tax system in Illinois or are you simply going to bolt from the state?

The report can be found here.

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NT Officials May Have Violated Their Own School Policy In Mandatory Race Seminar. Legal Review Launched.

The Senate's "grand bargain" featuring billions in tax hikes is shelved for now. Dan Proft and Pat Hughes discuss what lawmakers must do, and why Christine Radogno – partnering with John Cullerton – has failed as a leader. They also discuss the growing divide between Illinois' downstate economy and Chicago, as well as the growing competition from Illinois' border states – all of which are now Right to Work.

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New Trier’s Race Seminar Features Both Kinds Of Public K-12 Education

Much attention is focused on the totalitarian re-education camps that college campuses have become. But it’s in K-12 where the indoctrination is generally begun.

A case study is New Trier High School, a top public high school in Illinois that enjoys a national reputation because of its many famous graduates in the arts and politics including Rock Hudson, Charlton Heston, Scott Turow, Liz Phair and Don Rumsfeld.

Located in a wealthy, suburban enclave, black students account for less than 1% of New Trier’s student body.

To make up for its diversity deficit, the high school’s $420,000/year superintendent and her administrative cadre of six-figure, dyed-in-the-wool Democrats instituted a mandatory racial rights seminar day during Black History Month.

A review of the seminar’s offerings reveals the Black-Lives-Matter-directed sessions to be among the more measured amid those that characterize the Chicago Police as perpetrators of urban genocide and Colin Kaepernick’s bended knee as something that should be immortalized in bronze.

A parents group objected to the one-sidedness of the program suggesting conservative black speakers to broaden the perspectives for consideration by students.

That notion was summarily rejected.

Just as Bob’s Country Bunker in “The Blues Brothers” featured both kinds of music, country and western, so one of the country’s best high schools features both kinds of public K-12 education, virtue-signaling and bigot-baiting.

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"I Am A Black Parent Of Child At New Trier..."

Robert Blackwell, New Trier parent, explains why he opposes the mandatory seminar day on race at New Trier High School.

For more on this topic click here

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