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Climate Alarmism

Is the press a hindrance to public understanding? How can we be smart about climate change? Is the debate really about what we do about climate change, not about climate change? Is the Left starting to get jumpy about what will come of the Mueller investigation? David Harsanyi, Senior Editor for TheFederalist.com & author of First Freedom: A Ride Through America’s Enduring History with the Gun, From the Revolution to Today, joins Dan and Amy for the latest on the Mueller investigation.


Take A Lesson From Trump

Are France's yellow-jacketed misérables like America's MAGA-hat-wearing deplorables? What should French President Emmanuel Macron learn from Trump? Should he be more like Trump in the wake of the protests against his gas tax hike? Is President George H.W. Bush's legacy being used to advance a political agenda? Former Trump aide, Sebastian Gorka joins Dan and Amy to react to the Paris riots and remember President Bush.


Former President, Current Critic

President Obama’s criticisms of the United States’ energy policy has been receiving heavy praise from the left. However, are the proposed solutions viable in the long-term or are they simply delusions to please the masses? How does the United States’ successful reduction of carbon emissions compare to the stagnant progress of the countries in the Paris Climate Accord? Is the left’s favor of solar and wind energy over nuclear energy the best strategy for the future of US energy policy? Chief Economist for CNN, Steve Moore joins Dan and Amy to discuss. 

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Kinzinger: “We Have To Win The Conservative Argument Again”

Is Trump reversing course on the Paris Climate Accord? What other surprises will Trump have when he addresses the UN? Rep. Kinzinger says he actually likes President Trump’s unpredictability on the world stage. Also, a federal judge in Chicago begins the legal battle of the defunding of sanctuary cities. Representative Adam Kinzinger for the 16th Congressional District joins Dan and Amy to discuss.

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Why Democrats Have To Believe What Al Gore Says

State and local governments - including Chicago - are adopting the Paris Accord guidelines even though the U.S. won't be. Is this good policy?  Is there a consensus on Global Warming among TV meteorologists? Are there political incentives for meteorologists to ignore data on climate change? Legendary Chicago weatherman and Weather Channel founder John Coleman joins Dan and Amy for a colorful discussion. 

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The Most Costly Treaty Ever

Danish academic Bjorn Lomborg, a proponent of the view that man is primarily responsible for climate change, had this take on the Paris Accord: Spend $100 trillion by 2100 for virtually no impact on climate change. Bad deal. Dan & Amy discussed the Paris Accord with Heartland Institute President/CEO Joe Bast. And they explored the truth behind the claim that 97% of scientists agree that climate change is real and that man is primarily responsible.


You Threaten Their Planet

Rachel Carson was wrong about DDT.

Paul Ehrlich’s population bomb was a dud.

Glossy magazine covers in the 1970s featuring fashionable global cooling predictions about a coming ice age thawed.

In skated Michael Mann’s global warming hockey stick until Mark Steyn snapped it in two.

Now Chinese Communists, European Socialists, Hollywood leftists, billionaire rent-seekers and Fortune 100 CEOs suggest that America’s failure to lead from behind with our own unenforceable politician’s pledges on carbon emissions spells the imminent demise of our mortal coil.

The culprit messing up the grand plans of the jet setters? Same as it’s always been. The middle-income family and the small business owner-operator who seek pedestrian pursuits like a job or lower energy costs. Boring.

You are the demons who must be slayed so that noted scientists like Leonardo DiCaprio, Bette Midler and Governor Moonbeam can remake the world in their image.

You left billionaire fossil fuels investor turned mega-funder of leftist zealotry Tom Steyer with no choice but to term you traitors and declare war.

You see, Trump isn’t their real target. You are.

And conservation isn’t their real goal. Control is.

The Left has been using environmentalism as their cover story to exert control over you and your pursuits for 50 years.

Your existence doesn’t threaten the planet just the Left’s dominion over it.


Moore: Climate Change Has Become A Religion On The Left

Will Trump pull out of the Paris climate agreement? Are China and India laughing at us as they build new coal plants and we shutter ours? Is there potential for a middle way compromise on the agreement? Will working class Americans suffer if Trump doesn’t pull out? Stephen Moore, CNN Senior Economist, joined Dan & Amy for the latest on the Paris Agreement.