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Is The Left Over-Watergating Their Hand?

Did Trump's fixer neuter his Presidency? Why are conservatives boxed in with the choice of  the Left, who associate conservatives with the likes of Hitler, or supporting a man with a sleazy background that everyone has known about all along? Hollywood screenwriter, Andrew Klavan joins Dan and Shaun Thompson to discuss all of the legal and political angles and implications of the recent Cohen charges.

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The Civil Liberties' Defense For Trump

Why has the media made heroes of men or women who engaged in voluntary sexual encounters and get paid for it? Is the Manafort trial another front to get more information on Trump? Why are no civil libertarians defending Trump and his team? Famed Harvard Law Professor, Alan Dershowitz joins Dan and Amy to discuss his book “The Case Against Impeaching Trump.”

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Trial and Error

Will the Manafort trial affect Mueller in regard to his larger investigation? Will Trump commute Manafort’s sentence if he is convicted? Are people with the likes of Trey Gowdy, who defend the FBI and DOJ, running out of patience with Mueller? Former Assistant Director of the FBI Ron Hosko speaks about these questions and more with Dan and Amy.

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From The Noble Lie To Ignoble Truths

I don’t think Plato had former CIA Director Gen. Michael Hayden’s tweet comparing Trump immigration policy to the Birkenau death camp at Auschwitz in mind when he conceived of the noble lie.

Nor would Plato likely place under the noble lie header the DC press corps’ magical storytelling about a 2-year-old Time magazine cover girl who was separated from her father in Honduras by her mother but never separated from her mother by border patrol or anyone named Trump, not even Peter Fonda’s nemesis, Barron.

Noblesse oblige no more.

The lies told by elites these days are intended to foment social unrest not cohesion.

The ignoble truth is that today’s elites cover their tracks by feeding the public supersized whoppers to stunt their appetites for edifying information and dull their attention spans.

Never mind that the fix was in at FBI. See Trump’s criticism of Comey, et al., as a veiled predicate to martial law.

Never mind that family separation was not new policy at the border and that only the enforcement of it was new. Instead, understand this as an existential battle not for border security but against bigotry.

In other news, Paul Manafort has pled guilty to a violent crime for which he was not charged. ABC News reporting.