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Who’s Ready To Be Chicago’s Next Mayor?

Is Preckwinkle the biggest target in the mayor’s race? Is there still a need for 50 aldermen? Who are the rich people that the teacher’s union is demanding money from? The potential gambling and marijuana revenue won’t be here in time for the first few city budgets of the next mayor so how are they going to balance the budget? Chicago Tribune Editorial board member, Kristen McQueary joins Dan and Amy to discuss.

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Illinois' Lesser Known Bill Backlog

There is no question Illinois' crippling pension debt is the state's biggest hinderance. But Illinois' broken pension systems aren't the only debts weighing the state down. On this edition of Illinois Rising, Dan Proft and Wirepoints President Ted Dabrowski discuss Illinois' other unpaid bill backlog: state retiree health insurance benefits. They also talk to an incoming state lawmaker about why he is rejecting his legislative pension, and they discuss Chicago Mayoral candidate Bill Daley's plan for a city commuter tax.








IL Debt Solution: Issue More Debt

Only the politicians in Springfield think it’s good idea to issue more debt to deal with the pension debt crisis. Why would anyone move to Illinois and buy a house when your record high property taxes aren’t for any services but just paying off debt? CNN Chief Economist, Steve Moore joins Dan and Amy to discuss.

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Which Are You Willing To Give Up To Stay In IL: Your Job, Your Pension, Or Your Home?

One (or more) will be taken from you without a change in political leadership and policy choices. Mark it down. So which one will it be? Where’s the policy alternative from IL Leaders? Dan and Amy discuss the latest property tax destruction update in Lake County.

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Most Government, Worst Governed

Four of the top five employers in Cook County are units of government. Shouldn't legislators determine how much money the state has before they start spending it? There is a bipartisan effort to destroy Illinois. How long will the electorate put up with it? Dan and Amy discuss and take calls from frustrated listeners.

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City Of Harvey Lays Off Half Of The Police And Fire Departments

Your job, your pension, or your home. You can’t get all three and some can’t even get one. The pension crisis in Harvey is just the first of several other Illinois towns that are going to get hit with the harsh reality that the math doesn’t work. Ponzi schemes always end and always end badly. Dan and Amy delve into a recent report from the South Cook News that reveals Harvey fire pensioners paid $1.1M into the retirement fund and have so far collected $25M.

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Standing Up Against A Progressive Tax

Republican lawmakers in Springfield have effectively stopped a progressive tax for this legislative session. But Democrats are likely to keep pushing for it in the future, meaning taxpayer advocates in the General Assembly must remain vigilant in their opposition. On this edition of Illinois Rising, state Rep. David McSweeney – one of the fiercest opponents of a progressive income tax  – tells Dan Proft and Joe Kaiser how he and his Republican colleagues plan to oppose new damaging taxes. Proft and Kaiser also discuss the unfortunate situation in Harvey, Illinois – where decades of fiscal recklessness and political corruption are coming home to roost. And they talk about the issues of patronage hires in some McHenry County townships.








Worst Republican Governor in America's Budget Address

Rauner said he's going to repeal the tax increase he presided over, yet he budgets for the revenue from it? Isn’t shifting pension costs to local school districts going to raise the highest property taxes in the nation even more? “Rauner, for the last three years, has played directly into Mike Madigan’s hands,” said State Rep. Tom Morrison (R-Palatine). Rep. Morrison joins Dan and Amy to discuss Rauner’s budget address and why he is supporting Jeanne Ives for governor.

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Over Promised Pension Benefits Not Underfunded

Why does Illinois have the largest unfunded pension liabilities in the country? How can the pensions be paid off when the benefits have grown six times the rate of the general revenue growth? Why would politicians investigate this problem when they are all waiting in line for their pensions? How can Illinois stop the bleeding? President of  Wirepoints.com, Ted Dabrowski joins Dan and Amy to discuss his new study, Illinois state pensions: Over promised, Not Underfunded.

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Hughes Discusses Illinois Pensions on Fox Chicago

Why are Illinois pensions in crisis? Is there a fix? Illinois Opportunity Project Co-Founder Pat Hughes joined Mike Flannery and FOX Chicago's Good Day Chicago to discuss. 


Dollars & Sense: Chicago Pension Crisis

In twenty-fifteen, the City of Chicago’s two employee pension funds paid out nine-hundred and ninety-nine million dollars to about twenty-nine thousand retirees. The same two funds only generated ninety million dollars in investment income that year. Democrats and union bosses insist we don't need pension reform. Why? Pat Hughes explains on this edition of 'Dollars & Sense.'

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