First Amendment Case In Kankakee

Did the Mayor of Kankakee allegedly retaliate against one of the city’s police officers for posting negative social media posts about her? Did he really have to take a culture diversity course because of a post about Beyonce? Does the officer and his lawyer think they have a good case? Former Kankakee police officer Michael Shreffler and his attorney join Dan and Amy to discuss.

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Precedent Matters

Should we be worried about the precedent being set by the criminal charges filed against the Coward of Broward? What are the implications of criminalizing a police officer’s inaction? If not criminal charges, what other type of punishment should Scott Pederson face? What about his pension? Dan and Amy discuss the charges against Broward County police officer Scot Peterson who didn't confront the shooter and enter the Parkland high school during the awful mass shooting.

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Police Policy And Politics With Sheriff David Clarke

What inspires a local Sheriff to get involved in national politics? Retired Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke talks to Dan Proft about his 15 years in electoral politics, his experience with Black Lives Matter, restoring peace, rehabilitating ex-offenders, and being a foot soldier for freedom on this episode of Against the Current.


Potential Massacre Avoided In Dixon

“The day could have gone so differently if officer Dallas hadn’t been there. There are a lot of families that could have been dealing with an entirely different incident.” Dixon Mayor Li Arellano joins Dan and Amy with an update on the Dixon High School shooting incident and the hero, police officer Mark Dallas.

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I am Mark Robinson

“When are you all going to start standing up for the majority? And here’s who the majority is. I’m the majority…

“…we’re the first ones taxed and the last ones considered and the first ones punished when something like this happens because our rights are the ones being taken away.”

That was part of a beautifully delivered commentary by law-abiding everyman Mark Robinson at a Greensboro, North Carolina, city council meeting.

Robinson’s “I am Spartacus” moment was in response to a debate over whether to cancel a local gun show in the wake of the Parkland school shooting.

“We demonize the police…and we make the criminals into victims and we’re talking about restricting guns?” Robinson continued.

I want to live in Mr. Robinson’s neighborhood.

He laid out the bill of particulars for the people who play the rules only to get fleeced by the Political Ruling Class they finance and ridiculed in the process.

Most importantly, Mark Robinson reminded us that this grand experiment in representative republican government rises or falls based on the civic engagement of the Mark Robinsons in America.

It’s not enough to applaud Mark Robinson. We must emulate him.

I am Mark Robinson.


A Great Police Officer, Dad And Husband

A vigil was held last night for Chicago Police Commander Paul Bauer who lost his life in the line of duty this week. Commander Bauer leaves behind a wife and a 13-year-old daughter. The 100 Club of Chicago is a nonprofit that provides financial support to the families of fallen officers. Executive Director of The 100 Club of Chicago, Joe Ahern joins Dan and Amy to give an update on Commander Bauer’s family and how you can help. Visit 100clubchicago.org to learn more about the organization and how to donate.

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Standing For The American Flag Is Divisive?

“When we would carry dead and wounded Marines, they were black, hispanic, white and we wouldn’t ask what color are you, what race are you?” Did we forget that military, police officers, and firemen’s coffins are draped in the American flag when they die in the line of duty trying to protect us? Former Chicago Alderman and organizer of the veteran and police counter-protest against Colin Kaepernick in 2016, Jim Balcer joins Dan and Amy to discuss his reaction to the protests in the NFL.

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Should The US Consider Decriminalizing All Drugs?

Should we develop programs to keep drugs on the street clean? What is the real history behind the War On Drugs? How can we implement more science driven policy? Are more treatment options needed in the criminal justice system? "Criminal Justice Week" continues with Columbia University Professor, Carl Hart who joins Dan and Amy to discuss his take on why he believes all drugs should be decriminalized.

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Heather MacDonald Debunks New Stanford Study On Police Bias

Are Black Lives Matter and Antifa the leading preservationists of the American fabric? Where are the rallies and marches for fallen officers? What does that show about our society today? "War On Cops" author Heather MacDonald has a safe space on the Morning Answer that she doesn't enjoy on college campuses. She joins Dan and Amy to discuss a new Stanford University study on alleged police bias in Oakland.


Law Enforcement’s Hands Are Tied

Why wasn't the man who made assassination attempts on the lives of GOP members of Congress prosecuted for domestic violence in 2006? Is law enforcement getting better at preventing these types of attacks? Are civilian leaders preventing law enforcement officers from keeping us safe? How will the investigation proceed from here? Dan & Amy posed these questions and more to former undercover FBI Special Agent & former US Marine John Ligato.


Treating The Police Like The Bad Guys Emboldens The Bad Guys

What a culture celebrates it begets.

An internal FBI report obtained by Paul Bedard at the Washington Examiner finds the DC press corps/Dem politician combine’s neutral to laudatory review of Black Lives Matter rioters makes us less safe by making police less safe.

The FBI reviewed 50 murders of police officers in 2016 and found in 14 of the cases the offender simply wanted to kill police.

“The assailants inspired by social and/or political reasons believed that attacking police officers was their way to ‘get justice’,” the report concluded.

The former mayor of Baltimore created a safe space for rioters in the wake of Freddie Gray’s death. That has left her successor crying to the FBI for help in combating Baltimore’s 20-year high murder rate.

Chicago Mayor Tiny Dancer scapegoated the police locally and brought Obama Attorney General Loretta Lynch to town to tell the nation they were all racists. After more murders in Chicago last year than in New York City and LA combined, Chicago saw a 45% increase in murders in April as compared to April of last year. April featured the additional embarrassment of the Chicago Police Superintendent's police SUV being ransacked while it was parked outside of his home.

When you treat police like the bad guys, you embolden the bad guys.