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City Of Harvey Lays Off Half Of The Police And Fire Departments

Your job, your pension, or your home. You can’t get all three and some can’t even get one. The pension crisis in Harvey is just the first of several other Illinois towns that are going to get hit with the harsh reality that the math doesn’t work. Ponzi schemes always end and always end badly. Dan and Amy delve into a recent report from the South Cook News that reveals Harvey fire pensioners paid $1.1M into the retirement fund and have so far collected $25M.

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Fund Rainbow Sidewalks, But Not Pension Benefits

Chicago’s police pension fund will be insolvent by 2021 according to a new analysis by the Chicago City Wire, but the focus is on taxpayer funded permanent rainbow crosswalks. Is there a huge silent majority that supports President Trump in the gay community? An LGBT group wants Christians to pay for their "pride" but not be allowed in the public square. Should opposition to the redefinition of marriage disqualify one from Department of Education discussions? Dan & Amy discussed values, and priorities, and took your calls.