politics in sport

The Future Of Football

Is football as dangerous as people make it out to be? Why do NFL players have a smaller pension payout compared to the other professional leagues? Dan and Amy discuss advice from former NFL player, Mike Tomczak.

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The Left Keeping The Panic Level High

Is the imagination the only place where socialism and the banning of fossil fuels works? Was sports a once unifying tradition for all Americans now becoming increasingly more divisive? Is the commentariat and those in the beltway losing sight of why Trump won? Is Trump too obsessed with finding the anonymous op-ed writer? Essayist and Hollywood screenwriter, Andrew Klavan joins Dan and Amy to discuss.

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Dez Clark On Politics In Sports, Financial Literacy, And Family

Former Chicago Bear, Desmond Clark has had his fair share of ups and downs. From growing up in a single parenthood household and witnessing things a young kid shouldn’t have to, to his successful 12 year career in the NFL, Desmond Clark’s journey serves as an inspirational example of what a solid work ethic and good head on your shoulders can create. On this edition of Against the Current with Dan Proft, Desmond Clark shares a cautionary tale of how he was scammed out of $750k, his mission to steer young professional athletes on a path of financial prosperity, his new book on how you create success, and most importantly his role as a father.