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The First Un-Catholic Pope?

Are conservatives the ones creating a schism in the American Catholic Church as Pope Francis alleges? Is the mainstream media more interested in the Pope’s political positions than his views on the catechism? How can frustrated Church goers separate the Church from the men? Canon lawyer, Father Gerald Murray joins Dan and Amy to discuss.

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Is Pope Francis A “Progressive” Pope?

Should conservatives share Pope Francis’ statements on abortion with liberals who think they have a “progressive” pope? Does Pope Francis want open borders for the Church and the United States? Professor of Political Science at Grove City College, Paul Kengor joins Dan and Amy to discuss.

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Competing Clown Shows On Capitol Hill

Does the anonymous op-ed prove there are people who believe more in the preservation of the political class than the agenda of the people? Is silence and prayer the remedy to the Church’s sexual abuse scandal as suggested by Pope Francis? Is it hard to be optimistic about the possibility of having an even worse mayor in Chicago and governor in Illinois? CNN Contributor, Steve Cortes joins Dan to discuss.

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Cupich Behaving Like A Politician

Cardinal Cupich says the abuse scandal is not about sex. Why is Cupich acting like a politician? What was Cupich’s response to the criticisms of his interview on NBC that he had read to all the churches in the diocese? Dan and Amy are joined by the object of Cardinal Cupich's convenient ire, NBC-5 reporter Mary Ann Ahern.

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Cupich's Race Baiting Defense Of Pope Francis

Reuters suggests conservatives are the problem for escalating the war against Pope Francis in his mishandling of the sexual abuse of children. Really? Do Cardinal Cupich’s comments show how serious the Catholic Church is taking the sexual abuse scandal? What bigger agenda could the Church have than protecting the most vulnerable? Dr. Kurt Martens, Professor of Canon Law at Catholic University, joins Dan and Amy to discuss.

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Reckoning In The Catholic Church

Why are leaders in the Catholic Church acting like politicians in their handling of the abuse of children? Why were known abusers shuffled around? Should Pope Francis resign? Is the Catholic Church as an institution going to be able to regain the trust of their believers? Washington Examiner Reporter, Salena Zito joins Dan and Amy to discuss the Catholic Church sex abuse scandal and her personal connection to the situation in Pittsburgh.

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Should Catholics Call For The Resignation Of Pope Francis?

Should Pope Francis resign in the wake of the Vigano testimony? Why is Pope Francis not addressing the allegations directly? What did he know and when did he know it? Should conservative Catholics step up and call for a purge of the hierarchy of the Church before it’s too late? Mary FioRito, former top aide to Francis Cardinal George, joins Dan and Amy to discuss.

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Fighting Cultural Colonization

Representative Jeanne Ives is taking heat for standing up to cultural bullies in our schools. Tiny Dancer sues the federal government for trying to make him follow federal law. Will Gov. Rauner follow suit and sign sanctuary state legislation? No action on K-12 school funding this week as IL Senate Democrats are out of town for the coronation of one of their own. Pope Francis calls it "terrible" that children are taught they can choose their gender. Don't tell Chicago Tribune's Kim Janssen who identifies as a "reporter." Dan & Amy covered education funding, sanctuary cities, and Illinois politics with State Representative Jeanne Ives.