The UK's Political Crisis

What can get done to restore British sovereignty as the people voted? Did it ever occurred to those in power that electorate would vote to leave the EU? Will there be any sort of compromised exit? What are the long term trends for the EU whether Britain exits or not? Member of European Parliament, Daniel Hannan joins Dan and Amy to discuss.

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Nothing Short Of A Miracle

Is the idea of being recognized by merit a relatively new phenomenon in human civilization? Does that make identity politics an ancient way of looking at the world? Should there be concerns on the right about the degree of “nationalism” coming to the forefront in the party? National Review Columnist, Jonah Goldberg joins Dan and Amy to discuss his new book, "Suicide of the West".

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The Role Of Populism In Modern Politics

Illinois Opportunity Project Director of Communication, Kathleen Murphy recently joined host Garrard McClendon on WYIN's Counterpoint to discuss the role populism has played in modern politics. 


Trump Struggles With Republicans

Is Trump succeeding at refocusing national attention on his policy agenda? Why isn’t Dan a fan of Trump’s populist policy agenda? The Left is obsessed with Russian collusion, the establishment is obsessed with vote counting on Obamacare replacement, and Trump is recommitting to fair trade discussions and NAFTA renegotiations. Is anyone moving in a positive direction? Dan & Amy discussed the status of Obamacare repeal with David Harsanyi, Nationally syndicated columnist & Senior Editor for TheFederalist.com.