Trump Exposing The Incivility Of The Left

Should Sarah Sanders be welcome in our “civil” society? Leftists like to blame Trump for the incivility, but what did Trump have to do with the attacks on Charles Murray or Ben Shapiro? Why are we incentivizing hysterical responses to viewpoints we disagree with? Writer at National Review, David French joins Dan and Amy to discuss.

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Stand For The Second

Students from more than 400 high schools across 40 states are participating in a walkout to support second amendment rights. Are school administrations going to support their students the same way they did for students protesting for more gun control? "Stand for the Second" organizer, Will Riley joins Dan and Amy to discuss the walkout.  

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Saluting The Flag Is A Sign Of Respect For Every American

While protesters at Soldier Field yesterday and the mainstream media continue to highlight and overtly support Colin Kaepernick’s disrespectful protest of the flag and the national anthem, true patriots across the country are thoughtfully remembering the murder of nearly 3,000 innocent lives on 9/11. Jerry Christopherson, President of the True Patriots Care Foundation, joins Dan and Kristin to talk about his moving memorial on the 16th anniversary of 9/11. Jerry and his group of volunteers place almost 3,000 flags with the name and story of each victim to remind everyone to keep in perspective the true sacrifice and loss of that day.

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Moral Equivalency Between White Supremacists and Antifa?

Trump's poor judgment call to relitigate his initial statement was compounded by how he re-litigated it on the merits. Ahistorical moral equivalences are not helpful and neither is media hysteria. We've gone from Chris Matthews' thrills to Chuck Todd's chills and neither are cultural Marxists who want to erase history. Is there a moral equivalence between white supremacists and groups such as Antifa? Vanderbilt Political Science Professor, Dr. Carol Swain joins Dan and Amy to discuss identity politics and its implications on culture.


The Unsalvageables

President Trump’s victory produced a plethora of Leftist think pieces plotting their escape from their coastal bubbles so they are never so blindsided again.

After a six month probationary period, can we finally dismiss as disingenuous their intellectual curiosity?

During that time, the Left has written more Russian fiction than Boris Pasternak.

The budding totalitarians on college campuses have attacked professors, shouted down the Education Secretary, and argued that white men do not enjoy First Amendment rights.

In Chicago, a group of “nasty women” hosted an art exhibit/fundraiser for Planned Parenthood featuring an anti-Trump painting stained with vaginal blood from the artist.

In Phoenix, the city used taxpayer dollars to help finance a billboard depicting Trump as a money-grubbing Nazi.

Storied MIT linguistics professor Noam Chomsky, whose rhetoric is virtually indistinguishable from that of Maxine Waters, claimed recently that the Republican Party is the greatest threat to mankind’s survival in the history of the world.

I don’t see much common ground to be forged here and, frankly, I’m not terribly interested in indulging lunacy.

I’ll continue to consume the literate Left’s content for comparison/contrast purposes. But I’m not going to let their mania consume even a moment of my consideration.

If I’m a deplorable then they are the unsalvageables.

I say we let them stay squirreled away in their bubbles and we pop them again in November 2018.


What's Their Problem?

Alt-Left protestors from The People's Lobby invaded the Heritage Foundation's lobby following the release of their Annual Budget Blueprint. What was their actual disagreement with the policy recommendations? How did security handle the trespassing protestors? Were any members of Congress (or their convicted felon husbands) in attendance? Was lunch served at the after-party? Daily Signal reporter Melissa Quinn shares her firsthand account of the event with Dan and Amy.

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Mugged By Reality At Middlebury

College campuses are places of “emotional coddling” and “intellectual impoverishment”, wrote leftist New York Times columnist Frank Bruni.

“(The student protesters) couldn’t look at me directly, because if they had, they would have seen another human being,” wrote Middlebury College professor Allison Stanger, a self-identified liberal, who suffered a concussion as a result of being assaulted by leftist students protesting the presence of eminent sociologist Dr. Charles Murray on campus.

Stanger’s assault has forced the Left to address campus culture at America’s elite universities.

What the safe space social engineers find is that they’ve lost control of the young Frankensteins whose minds they filled with agitprop rather than intellectual curiosity.

At Middlebury, Stanger was mugged by the reality, quite literally, that there is no safe space for dissent from the established campus orthodoxy.

By abetting a contrarian view on campus, Stanger crossed into the enemy camp and thus became fair game.

In her description of the violence, Stanger offers the clichéd contention that we are at “a boiling point.”

Are we?

Were we at a boiling point during the Obama Presidency?

Or is it more accurate to say that thuggery is what leftist students have been taught since the 1960s by the Che Guevara set in academia and subsequently learned to use alternatively in collaboration with them or against them to extract what they what?


Fascism And The Left

"You keep using that word. I don't think it means what you think it means."  - The Princess Bride

Those protesting President Trump frequently call him a Fascist. But how much do protestors really understand about Fascist conversions? We headed to Trump Tower to see if protestors could Follow the Logic.

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Progressive Exclusion

Feminist groups excluded thousands of women who might have joined the recent Women's March because of their Pro-Life values. So, what criteria must be met in order to be included? We went to a protest at Trump Tower to see if we could Follow Feminist Logic.  

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Exposing Trump Protestors

On Sunday, protestors mooned Trump Tower in Chicago. Is this the new face of resistance?

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Left's New Intolerance: The "Right" To Not Be Offended

Earlier this morning Dan Proft was joined by Daniel Hannan, a member of the European Parliament and acclaimed author. They discussed President-elect Trump’s historic victory over the left and why the left must change their attitude towards him and the country. They also opined on the recent self-righteous protests and the problems that come with thinking everything is a micro-aggression if you don’t agree with it. Finally, Hannan strongly believes the USA and Britian will remain close allies. 

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