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Regulator In Chief

Will the left ever come up with a new line of attack besides calling everyone who disagrees with them a racist? Did the media fall asleep during Obama’s presidency and now feel the need to scandalize everything Trump does? How is Trump saving us from Obama’s presidency? Columnist for PJ Media and author of the new book, “Trumping Obama,” Matt Margolis joins Dan and Kristen McQueary to discuss.

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Racists And Traitors

Is the new attack no longer calling someone a racist but a traitor? Is McConnell right to block bills that would federalize elections? Is the media giving their best effort to rehabilitate Al Sharpton’s reputation? Did we discover that there's actually a sane wing in the Democratic Party but it has no chance of winning? Senior editor for the Federalist, David Harsanyi joins Dan and Amy to discuss.

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Hating Trump Is Not A Plan For The Future

Do any of the Democratic candidates having anything to offer other than hating President Trump? Are they just stoking racial flames to gather support from their base? The New York Post’s Michael Goodwin joins Dan and Amy to preview tonight's Democratic Presidential Debate.

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Carnage in the U.S.

Is Trump racist or is he making people realize the truth about these dangerous areas in the U.S.? Do people really want to solve the problems in these areas, or would they rather keep throwing money at the problem hoping it will go away? NY Post Columnist, Salena Zito joins Dan and Amy to discuss the disconnect between the people who live in these dangerous areas and their elected officials.

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“Trump Is Toast”

Does the left think using identity politics is convincing anyone besides their base? How can Trump lose by five million votes but still win re-election? Dan and Amy discuss with The National Review’s John Fund about the upcoming election in 2020.

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Pelosi Vs. The Squad

Is Trump successfully raising the profile of the unfavorable Democratic Congresswoman paving his way to victory in 2020? Are the members of the “Squad” making Pelosi look moderate? Is Joe Biden apologizing his way to the nomination? Co-Chair of the RATE Coalition, Jim Pinkerton joins Dan and Amy to discuss.

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First Amendment Case In Kankakee

Did the Mayor of Kankakee allegedly retaliate against one of the city’s police officers for posting negative social media posts about her? Did he really have to take a culture diversity course because of a post about Beyonce? Does the officer and his lawyer think they have a good case? Former Kankakee police officer Michael Shreffler and his attorney join Dan and Amy to discuss.

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War Against White People

Has hate not been done away with but switched to the other direction? Why are young minds buying into this nonsense to take responsibility for actions they had nothing to do with? McGill University Anthropology Professor, Phillip Carl Zalzman joins Dan and Amy to discuss.

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Segregation By Design

Why are colleges segregating students by race? Are colleges de facto overturning Brown v. Board? Does college do anything to prepare students for the real world these days? What are the outcomes for these students? National Association of Scholars President, Peter Wood joins Dan and Carol Roth to discuss.

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Anti-Free Speech Mob At Depaul University

Why is the Depaul University student mob going after a black, gay, immigrant professor? Is there any moral intellectual leadership in academia? Professor Jason Hill joins Dan and Amy to discuss the article he wrote sparking outrage on Depaul’s campus and why students are demanding he apologize and undergo racial sensitivity training.

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Flooded Border

Did the Obamas have something to do with the Smollett charges being dropped? Why doesn’t Congress fix the border crisis? How much is illegal immigration costing the country? Why is everyone all of a sudden concerned about “Creepy Joe?” Diamond and Silk join Dan and Amy to discuss.

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Smollett’s Alleged Attackers’ Attorney Speaks Out

Where have the Osundairo brothers been? Did they recant as Smollett's attorneys suggest? Did the brothers actually laugh out loud at the suggestion that they put on “white face?” Has there been any communication between Smollett and the brothers since the charges have been dropped? The Osundairo brothers’ attorney, Gloria Schmidt joins Dan and Amy to discuss.

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The Cleansing Of Smollett In The Chicago Way

Did Kim Foxx save the fall of an icon? Is Smollett the Jackie Robinson of homophobia? Even though he committed multiple felonies, does his work in the community transcend us all? What exactly is the importance of this moment? Chicago Tribune Columnist, John Kass joins Dan and Amy to discuss.

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Van Dyke Assaulted In Prison

Jason Van Dyke’s wife speaks out after her husband was beaten up in prison in Connecticut by other inmates. His family wants Pritzker to commute his sentence to avoid further attacks, while AG Kwame Raoul wants a longer sentence. Dan and Amy discuss.

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The Soft Bigotry Of Low Expectations

Are conservative judges having trouble surpassing the new thresholds regarding their faith to get their Senate confirmations? How long will Gov. Northam last and how did the racially offensive yearbook photos not get found during the campaign? Are there second chances for some but not for all? Should the President invoke emergency powers to fund the wall? Georgetown Law professor, Randy Barnett joins Dan and Amy to discuss.

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A Twisted Publicity Stunt?

Have the Chicago Police gathered any meaningful evidence that corroborates “Empire” star’s Jussie Smollett’s alleged homophobic and racially targeted attack? Why did the mainstream dive head first into the story without any clear evidence? Did something happen to Smolett but maybe not what he alleges? Former CPD and licensed PI, Paul Huebl joins Dan and Amy to discuss.

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King’s Legacy Has Become A Shakespearean Tragedy

“If a man is called to be a street sweeper, he should sweep streets even as a Michelangelo painted, or Beethoven composed music or Shakespeare wrote poetry.”

That was Rev. Martin Luther King’s appeal to work as soulcraft in his 1967 “Street Sweeper” speech at New Covenant Baptist Church in Chicago.

Today those words are blasphemy to Leftist elites who invoke his name while seeking to expunge from history those names King called forth.

Yale dropped Shakespeare as required reading for English Literature majors—as have most of America’s top-ranked universities—in response to the contention that his transcendental works on human nature somehow create a hostile campus environment for persons of color.

King was a man of letters who argued the purpose of education was to “teach one to think intensively and think critically.”

Today the politicized professoriate would rather students not think at all. 

King understood Escalus’ observation in Measure for Measure that, “Some by sin do rise and others by virtue fall.” 

It’s a Shakespearean tragedy for black and white alike that so few of today’s students do.

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Van Dyke Sentenced To 81 Months

Is Van Dyke’s defense team satisfied with the sentence? Did the Judge make the right call? How big of a role did racial politics play in this case? What were the mayoral candidates responses and how do they think they are going to make police/community relations better? Jason Van Dyke’s defense attorney, Dan Herbert joins Dan and Amy to discuss the sentencing.

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Dumbing Down Of Culture

If racism was the principle cause of black children failing in school then why are they still failing even when the schools are run by other blacks? Are poor blacks seen as a commodity by middle class blacks? Is the growing intolerance of religion on the left breaking down the moral structure once strong in the black community? Founder and President of the Woodson Center, Bob Woodson joins Dan and Amy to discuss.

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Bigot Baiting On The Ballot

Should there be a travel ban on white guys as suggested by CNN’s Don Lemon? What is the left’s moral inconsistency and hypocrisy on race? Is there a hate crisis in American culture that is affecting all races? Woodson Center founder, Bob Woodson joins Dan and Amy to discuss.

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