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Breaking Down The Chicago Mayoral Field

The Chicago mayoral field is taking form. Toni Preckwinkle and Bill Daley are in. Luis Gutierrez is out. And of course, numerous other candidates are still making a push. But does anyone offer a new vision for Chicago? On this edition of Illinois Rising, Dan Proft and Pat Hughes ask that question, and break down the field with expert analysis from longtime Chicago political reporter Charles Thomas. Proft and Hughes also take a look at a particular suburban legislative race where Mike Madigan is pouring tons of campaign cash. And they discuss how Illinois' out-of-control property taxes are hurting even the state's biggest companies.








What’s The Solution To Economic Inequality In Chicago?

Is Rahm’s parting gift to Chicago laying on more debt to our children and grandchildren? Is it excessive to have officers report every time they take their gun out of the holster? Is the violence in Chicago “contained” like Superintendent Johnson claims? Does Dr. Willie Wilson have enough money to hand out to stay in the Chicago mayor's race? Dr. Wilson joins Dan to discuss.

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White Liberal Savagery

Made infamous by the Time-Life books “Old West” ads, outlaw John Wesley Hardin was so mean he once shot a man just for snoring.

In Chicago, the streets are so mean that Earl Young was murdered because his dog peed on a neighbor’s porch.

Chicago sent a black man to the Oval Office, but what the city is really good at is sending young black men to either prison or the morgue.

47% of black men aged 20-24 are neither in school nor employed.

The response from Chicago hustlers to these realities is to indulge fantasies: more money for job training pantomimes, new anti-violence patronage plantations, a DOJ consent decree to monitor police gender pronoun usage and the reopening of schools no one attends.

Congressman Danny Davis, one of Chicago’s elder dependency dealers, can’t explain how redundant programming would’ve saved his 15-year-old grandson murdered two years ago for his gym shoes.

Chicago has the nation’s highest black unemployment rate. But the white liberals in charge for the past century can’t explain why that isn’t a long enough probationary period to make a performance evaluation.

More than anything, Chicago is the fullest expression of the Champagne Socialism—segregation and savagery—espoused by the American white liberal.

When it comes to barbarism, John Wesley Hardin had nothing on white liberals in Chicago.


Chicago Public Schools: The Predators’ Playground

Everything big city Democrat mayors like Rahm Emanuel do is for the kids, they tell us with ersatz earnestness.

Rahm—Tiny Dancer, I call him--is quick to take up cause célèbres like the Parkland high school gun control brigade in the name of school safety.

What Rahm and his leftist colleagues won’t do is change school systems run by the adults for the adults—even when some of those adults are child predators.

In a blockbuster expose, the Chicago Tribune documented a long-running sex abuse scandal inside the Chicago Public Schools that should end Tiny Dancer’s career, that should be international news on par with coverage given the Catholic Church’s sex abuse scandal, and that should serve as a warning to public school parents across the country.

According to the Tribune, since Tiny Dancer was elected in 2011, 430 reports of sexual abuse, assault or harassment have been investigated with credible evidence of misconduct found in 230 of those incidents.

The Tribune also found that school administrators may have acted criminally in failing to report incidents of abuse to the state’s child welfare agency.

Worse yet, the story identified repeated failures to screen out Chicago Public Schools employees with prior arrests related to alleged sexual offenses involving children.

A lot of attention is devoted to holding pols and their appointees accountable for threats to kids in school that come from the outside.

What about the threats they welcome inside and cover for?


Lightfoot Calls Out Rahm’s “Epic Failure Of Leadership”

Will the CPS sex abuse scandal end Tiny Dancer's two-term recital? How come Rahm rushes to take credit for good test scores and universal preschool, but not criminal behavior of its employees? Chicago mayoral candidate Lori Lightfoot joins Dan and Kristen to discuss the CPS sex abuse scandal on Tiny Dancer's watch and why we can’t allow him to get away with it.

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Mark Shaw On The Need For New GOP leadership

Struggling electorally and lacking clear vision on policy, the Illinois Republican Party could be in need of new leadership. Lake County Republican Chairman Mark Shaw thinks he can offer that, in replace of current Chairman Tim Schneider. On this edition of Illinois Rising, Mark Shaw tells Dan Proft exactly what he thinks the Illinois GOP needs to be successful politically and on a policy front. Proft and Illinois Policy writer Joe Kaiser also talk to state Sen. Dan McConchie, R-Hawthorne Wood, about his efforts to ease Illinoisans' high property tax burden. And Proft and Kaiser discuss new developments in the Chicago mayoral race, as well as suburban lawmakers position on the Democrats' progressive tax.








Chicago’s Financial Condition: ‘F’

Chicago is the worst governed major city in America. In order to pay off the city’s debt, it would require $41,700 per taxpayer. Why is Mayor Tiny Dancer allowed to come out and say he created a balanced budget in 2016 when it actually ran a $3.6 billion deficit? Is it time for Chicago taxpayers to finally hold their elected officials accountable before the city goes completely under? Founder and CEO of Truth in Accounting, Sheila Weinberg joins Dan and Amy to discuss.

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The Truth About The Changes In Education Funding

What is "evidence-based" funding? That is the model of education funding in Senate Bill 1, the Democrats' education funding bill. On this edition of Illinois Rising, Dan Proft and Pat Hughes talk to Stanford Professor Eric Hanushek – a longtime expert and critic of the model – about what it does and how it has failed everywhere it has been implemented. Proft and Hughes also discuss new data on where Americans truly fall politically, and they talk to columnist Tom Rogan about Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel's lawsuit over Chicago's sanctuary city status.








Fighting Cultural Colonization

Representative Jeanne Ives is taking heat for standing up to cultural bullies in our schools. Tiny Dancer sues the federal government for trying to make him follow federal law. Will Gov. Rauner follow suit and sign sanctuary state legislation? No action on K-12 school funding this week as IL Senate Democrats are out of town for the coronation of one of their own. Pope Francis calls it "terrible" that children are taught they can choose their gender. Don't tell Chicago Tribune's Kim Janssen who identifies as a "reporter." Dan & Amy covered education funding, sanctuary cities, and Illinois politics with State Representative Jeanne Ives.


Did Trump Jr. Commit Treason?

Should Donald Trump Jr. be imprisoned for life or executed? How big a bombshell are the revelations about Trump Jr.? Did Trump Jr. commit treason or was he just sloppy? Either way, the reverberations inside the Left's echo chamber rage. CNN's "sources" get it 200% wrong on Trump-Putin meeting. And Mayoral Emanuel brags about the CTA while Chicago's violence spikes, scandals metastasize, and pension funds face bankruptcy. Dan & Kristen McQueary, editorial board member of the Chicago Tribune, posed these questions and more to Commentary Associate Editor Noah Rothman.


The City That Works... For Whom??

Do Chicago's Feudal Lords (Aldermen) know better than private citizens and businesses what benefits their wards? They think so, and Tiny Dancer agrees. These are the representatives Chicagoans elected, so what's the problem? What could possibly go wrong? How much more will people put up with? What will it take for a shift to occur? Faisal Khan CEO of Project Six and Former Legislative Inspector General of the Chicago City Council joins Dan and Amy to discuss.  

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Dollars & Sense: Chicago Pension Crisis

In twenty-fifteen, the City of Chicago’s two employee pension funds paid out nine-hundred and ninety-nine million dollars to about twenty-nine thousand retirees. The same two funds only generated ninety million dollars in investment income that year. Democrats and union bosses insist we don't need pension reform. Why? Pat Hughes explains on this edition of 'Dollars & Sense.'

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One Way Out Of Property Tax Crisis: Cut Ties With Democrat Leaders

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Predatory Government Targets The Poor

One of my iron laws of public policy is predatory government prevents the poor from obtaining more.

Juan Carlos Montes de Oca is a cosmetology student in Tuscon. AZ, under investigation by the state’s licensing board for giving free haircuts to homeless men and women at a local park.

The prohibitive fines imposed by speeding and red light cameras in Chicago has made the Bankruptcy Court in the Northern District of Illinois the national leader for non-business chapter 13 filings three years running. Nearly half of bankruptcy filers listed the Chicago Parking Bureau as a creditor.

Declining sales resulting from the soda tax in Philadelphia has one of the city’s largest beverage distributors looking to cut 20% of its workforce and grocery stores across the city following suit.

In each instance, government is aligned against the interests of its constituents.

In each instance, government preys on those least able to withstand economic hardship—those living paycheck-to-paycheck and those seeking their first paycheck.

The Left sells their regressive tax and regulatory policies as protective. In fact, they are exploitive.

And as F.A. Hayek said, to be controlled in our economic pursuits is to be controlled in everything. 

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Chicago's Bag Tax Scam

Pat Hughes joined WVON'S Dorothy Tucker to discuss the flawed roll-out of Chicago's latest tax scheme, and how it disproportionately hurts low-income families.

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"I Am A Black Parent Of Child At New Trier..."

Robert Blackwell, New Trier parent, explains why he opposes the mandatory seminar day on race at New Trier High School.

For more on this topic click here

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Dissecting The Proposed State Budget

On this edition of Illinois Rising, Dan Proft is joined by Pat Hughes, co-founder, Illinois Opportunity Project. They discuss how the proposed state budget is unfolding in Springfield, why more and more taxpayers continue to leave Illinois and more.

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Rahm Emanuel Worst Elected Official

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This is Pat Hughes with this week’s Upstream Ideas ‘Two-Minute Warning.’ When Rahm Emanuel came back to Chicago, it was with the promise that he would turn the city around. Six years later, not only has that promise been broken---time and again---I’m pretty sure he never intended to keep it. Because of Emanuel, the city is in decline and more divided than ever. Divided by race and by wealth. But mostly divided by whether the Mayor gives a damn about you. If you are doing well, he values you. Chicago is a great place to live for the affluent in Streeterville and Lakeview. But just a few blocks away, families live in constant fear of becoming another statistic. 797 homicides in 2016 alone. Most of the victims African American and Hispanic souls relegated to hopeless lives and violent deaths on the city’s South and West Sides. And as the Laquan McDonald cover up reveals, Emanuel and his ilk in City government are more focused on protecting political ambition than ending---as our President so aptly put it-- the American Carnage. Each year, we send thousands of children into Chicago’s public school system, which fails to educate the majority of them. Of course, the Mayor himself sent his children to good private schools---an option he refuses to endorse for those without means. Because Karen Lewis and CTU steamrolled him---twice. Financially, Emanuel’s tax increases and cuts in city services haven’t solved the funding crisis. With the massive new property tax increase, many Chicago families have been priced out of their homes and fled to the suburbs or other states. Taxes go up. The Tax base dwindles. Taxes go up. Rinse and repeat. Look. Rahm Emanuel is the worst elected official in the country. Period. But you can end put an end to that. 2019 is right around the corner. Elect a mayor who is dedicated to reform and cannot be compromised. A mayor who cares about all Chicagoans every day---not just on election day. A mayor who wants the City that Works to work again. Or you can re-elect Emanuel, and share responsibility for the inevitable collapse of a once great city. You’ve been warned.

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Edgar County Watchdogs Fight Corruption With 2 Qs: Who Says? What's The Proof?

Kirk Allen, co-founder, Edgar County Watchdogs, joined Dan & Amy to discuss how his organization is investigating and forcing out corrupt politicians - on both sides of the aisle. Allen said, “Often the attorneys representing the elected officials don’t read the laws or comply by them.” 

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Fmr. Illinois Resident: Why Didn’t We Leave Sooner?

United Van Lines annual study of migratory patterns of Americans recently came out citing that Illinois is tied for #1 for outmigration - 63% of trucks leaving, only 37% coming in. To better understand why this is happening, Dan & Amy spoke with Jeff Kirsch, Founder, getoutofillinois.com. Jeff and his family left in 2013 and find themselves asking, “Why didn’t we do this sooner?”

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