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The Reality Behind Criminal Justice Reform

Are drug offenses driving the incarceration rate? Did a reduction of street stops increase the crime in Chicago? Will the legalization of marijuana have any impact on our prison population? Deputy Director of legal policy at the Manhattan Institute, Rafael Mangual joins Dan and Amy to discuss. 

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More Taxes And A Legislative Salary Bump

How were lawmakers able to raise taxes on ordinary Illinoisans and give themselves a salary bump? How are the neighborhoods on the west side of Chicago going to benefit from the legalization of marijuana and the capital bill that doubled the gas tax? Why would legislators remove health and safety standards at abortion clinics on the premise of protecting women? State Rep. LaShawn Ford (D-Chicago) joins Dan and Amy to discuss the end of the legislative session in Springfield.

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The Straight Dope On Marijuana Legalization

Is there a direct link between marijuana and the likelihood of developing schizophrenia? Is the marijuana being sold legally much stronger than what people think? Is a revenue raiser the least justifiable reason to legalize marijuana? Is violence reduced once marijuana is legalized? Former NYT investigative reporter, Alex Berenson joins Dan and Amy to discuss.

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Chicago’s Entrenched Ruling Class

How do we distinguish the difference between Chicago’s business leaders and public sector union bosses? If casinos and recreational marijuana are on the table, how should their revenues be spent? How has Paul Vallas dealt with loss of his son to opioids and how do we combat the deadly epidemic? Candidate for mayor, Paul Vallas joins Dan and Amy to discuss.

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Up In Smoke: Legalization of Marijuana and Public Safety

The movement to legalize marijuana in Illinois is very popular. But studies have shown that legalization in other states has had a significant impact on public health and safety. Upstream Ideas went to the Capitol Building in Springfield to see if some of the state's most vocal activists could Follow the Logic.  


Should IL Legalize Marijuana?

Do Illinois politicians care to hear the pros and cons of legalizing marijuana for recreational use or are they mostly concerned about the money they can get out of it? Has there been a decrease in opioid related deaths in places where marijuana is legalized? How much has the tax revenue from marijuana contributed to the Colorado state budget? Member of the Colorado Governor’s task force on marijuana, Jo Mcguire joins Dan and Amy to discuss.

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