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Was Operation Shutdown O’Hare A Success?

Will shutdown theater finally get up to the North Shore to protest a Gordon Lightfoot concert at Ravinia or a New Trier HS polo match? What does winning look like for the organizers of the protests? Why throw away public money when the streets are not safe and businesses don't want to come? Founder of Coalition for a New Chicago, Rev. Gregory Livingston joins Dan and Amy to discuss.

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Rahm isn't the gangster he wishes he was. He's a punk.

On this week's edition, Dan Proft sits down with Greg Livingston, Founder & CEO of Coalition for a New Chicago, the organization leading the charge to recall Rahm. Is it possible? Who and what comes next? After 180 years of doing things one way, is Chicago ready for a new paradigm? Livingston has a lot to say on these and other topics. He offers his insights and good humor on this installment of Against The Current.

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Dan Proft & Amy Jacobson Interview Rev. Gregory Seal Livingston

Rev. Gregory Livingston, Coalition for a New Chicago, on effort to #RecallRahm with a message for POTUS: #BarackComeGetYourBoy

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