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Big Government As A Moral Issue

What has been the impact of Illinois’ economic death spiral on churches? Does the clergy have an obligation to educate their parishioners on what the political ruling class is doing or would they rather throw in with them? Senior pastor at Christ Church, Mike Woodruff joins Dan and Amy to discuss.

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The Worst Accountability Money Can Buy

Rather than doing the right thing, the politicians in charge want you to believe the situation is complicated. They hope to convince you the solutions are difficult. But whether or not children are safe is a straightforward question. CPS and the politicians in charge have either done the right thing or done the wrong thing. Pat Hughes explains it is that simple in this week's Two Minute Warning.


Democrat Elitist Leadership

Has the Democrat Party become progressive politicians dictating from the top down how Americans should live? If you’re not on board with leftist worldview, does that make you a bigot? Was the Masterpiece Cake Shop SCOTUS decision a personal victory for the cake shop owner but not for overall religious liberty? Senior Editor for the Federalist.com, David Harsanyi joins Dan and Amy to discuss. 

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Ruling Class Retaliation

Democrat Representative Kelly Cassidy claims she was bullied and intimidated by Speaker Madigan's allies. It's another example of the despicable culture in Springfield, where the political elites believe the rules don’t apply to them, victims of harassment are ignored, and any dissenting voices are shut down. In the face of multiple scandals, most House and Senate Democrats have remained silent, protecting their leader and the status quo.

In this week's Two Minute Warning Pat Hughes warns that we must end the cycle of threats and intimidation. We must dismantle the Madigan machine politicians and elect new, independent legislators to represent us.


"Rich States, Poor States" Guess Where IL Falls?

Is Illinois the “meth lab” in the laboratories of democracy? Illinois has raised taxes more than any other state and the next state is even close. The study is called rich states and poor states but should it be red states and blue states? What is the one thing IL ruling class could do to help turn things around? ALEC Chief Economist, Jonathan Williams joins Dan and Amy to discuss "Rich States, Poor States" economic index for 2018.

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I am Mark Robinson

“When are you all going to start standing up for the majority? And here’s who the majority is. I’m the majority…

“…we’re the first ones taxed and the last ones considered and the first ones punished when something like this happens because our rights are the ones being taken away.”

That was part of a beautifully delivered commentary by law-abiding everyman Mark Robinson at a Greensboro, North Carolina, city council meeting.

Robinson’s “I am Spartacus” moment was in response to a debate over whether to cancel a local gun show in the wake of the Parkland school shooting.

“We demonize the police…and we make the criminals into victims and we’re talking about restricting guns?” Robinson continued.

I want to live in Mr. Robinson’s neighborhood.

He laid out the bill of particulars for the people who play the rules only to get fleeced by the Political Ruling Class they finance and ridiculed in the process.

Most importantly, Mark Robinson reminded us that this grand experiment in representative republican government rises or falls based on the civic engagement of the Mark Robinsons in America.

It’s not enough to applaud Mark Robinson. We must emulate him.

I am Mark Robinson.


I Live In Fear

Dan & Amy talked to Bruce from Skokie who detailed the pain Speaker Mike Madigan and the Chicago Democrats are inflicting on families across Illinois. Bruce implored people to wake up and revolt against the high property taxes that are confiscating families' homes to fund the luxury lifestyle of the ruling class.


Mussman's Mission

Democrats run Illinois. If they wanted a property tax freeze or property tax reform, they could have it. So why aren’t our property taxes frozen? Pat Hughes explains in this edition of "Two-Minute Warning."

I’m Pat Hughes with this week’s Upstream Ideas’ Two-Minute Warning.

Representative Michelle Mussman, Mike Madigan’s baby-faced “Mom on a Mission” marionette, is running comprehensive property tax reform! Well, wait a minute… what about the campaign mailers we all got months ago saying Michelle Mussman and other democrats had voted for a property tax freeze. This is Illinois, isn’t it? Democrats run this place. If they wanted a property tax freeze or property tax reform, they could have it.

So why aren’t our property taxes frozen? For the same reason, Michelle Mussman’s bill won’t reform them. Mussman and Madigan don’t want to reform anything. They benefit from the current system. The higher property taxes go, the more property tax appeals there will be for the law firms– including Speaker Madigan’s – that fund democrat campaigns. Campaigns like Rep. Mussman’s that received over $850,000 from Madigan’s political committees.

The thing is they know they’re going to have to answer for the fact that your property taxes are sky-rocketing. They need to have a vote or two to put on a campaign mailer. So, they bring a bill to the floor with no intention of seeing it passed into law.  

In this case, wide-eyed Michelle Mussman trots out “Comprehensive Property Tax Reform.” It is a cynical game that is being played on your time and with your money.

Families are literally being taxed out of their homes. Do they really think you will be so blinded by glossy campaign mailers that you won’t notice that? Yes, and what’s worse: they count on it.

That’s why the real fight in 2018 must be about more than Republicans vs. Democrats, Rich vs. Poor, Men vs. Women, Gay vs. Straight, White vs. Black vs. Hispanic.

The real battle will be: predatory political insiders vs. people who play by the rules. Decide which side you’re on and get in the fray. Or buckle up as Illinois continues its rocky death spiral.

You’ve been warned.


Orland Park Revolts Against Ruling Class, Installs Pekau

What message does the Orland Park Mayor's race send to the political ruling class? Voters revolted in Orland Park, are they ready to revolt statewide? Keith Pekau, Mayor-elect of Orland Park, joins Dan & Amy to discuss his victory over a 24-year incumbent and how things will change for the better.