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President of American College of Pediatrics: No One Is Born Transgender

District 211 in Northwest suburban Cook County bent over backward to accommodate a transgender student, but it was still not enough. Not only is the student and family suing the school district for full access to the girls' locker room, but also financial compensation for emotional damage and legal fees. Dan and Amy talk with Vicki Wilson, D211 Parents for Privacy, who is suing the school to ensure all children are protected equally.

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Proft: Good morning, Dan and Amy. So...here we go again in District 211, this is northwest suburban Cook County High School district. We talked, what was it last year, about a...uh... Jacobson: Fremd High School student. Proft: Yes, in District 211. Jacobson: This time it's a Palatine High School student. Proft: It was a male...a male student at Palatine High School that was...that has been granted access to the girls' locker room just like the previous student at Fremd, and there's some suggestion that there's misreporting going on. Before we even get to that though, this op-ed at DailySignal.com, from Michelle Cretella, who is the president of the American College of Pediatrics. So umm, District 211 board members, you may want to listen to this, I mean I know you're...you're....you're...you're all STEEPED in the issue, but I don't know, maybe you want to listen to a scientific opinion from an actual pediatrician rather than just kowtow to the political zeitgeist of the left..."No one is born transgender," writes Dr. Cretella. "No one is born transgender. If gender identity were hardwired in the brain before birth, identical twins would have the same gender identity 100% of the time, but they don't. An identity is not biological, it is psychological. Biological sex is not assigned," Dr. Cretella writes. "I walk in to my doctor's office today and say 'Hi, I'm Margaret Thatcher!', my psychician will say I am delusional and give me an antipsychotic. Yet instead if I walked in and said 'I'm a man', he would say 'Congratulations, you're transgender.' If I were to walk in and say 'Doc, I'm suicidal because I'm an amputee trapped in a normal body, please cut off my leg!', I would be diagnosed with body identity integrity disorder, but if I walk into that doctor's office and say I'm a man, sign me up for a double mastectomy, my physician will...my physician will. See, if you want to cut off a leg or an arm, you're mentally ill. But if you want to cut off healthy breasts or a penis, you're transgender." ...yeah. Pretty good summary from the doctor, don't you think? And so this student at Palatine High School? Jacobson: Yeah, we told you they filed a lawsuit last week. He sat...SHE sat...I'm sorry, he's a HE, but has identified as a girl for 4 years at Palatine High School, he's a senior, and claims that...he's been treated fairly by the students, but he wants more, Dan. Mayday (from tape): In order to show people that I am no different from any other girl, you know, I have to put my face out there, I have to show them. And hopefully it brings a level of human understanding to it. Jacobson: She's trying to be a social justice warrior... Proft: Well that was interesting to hear from Ferris Bueller, but now I want to hear from that student at Palatine High... Jacobson: You think he sounds like Matthew Broderick? He does...so here's what's happening, because Channel 7 didn't push this issue, it's staring them right in the face. They have made...they have allowed this person into the girls locker room, but he has to change behind a...behind a screen. But that's...THAT'S discrimination! Mayday (from tape): I shouldn't be required to change in a private area, where no other girl is required to. Jacobson: So he's asking to be with the other girls. He just wants to be one of the girls! But they have bent over backwards, I have felt since reading up on this issue for it...to make accomodations for this person, but it's still "not enough". Because he wants the screen down. Proft: There you go, District 211! What do you think, District 211 parents? 312-642-5600 Turnkey Dot Pro Answer Line, 64636DA Turnkey Dot Pro Text Line. That School Board reflecting your values? For more on the topic, we're pleased to be joined by Vicki Wilson, who is the District...she's with District 211's Parents for Privacy. Vicki, thanks for joining us again, appreciate it. Wilson: Hi Dan and Amy, thanks for having me! Proft: So this case...it's being reported that we've got the same problem...*sarcastically* allegedly, from the perspective of the student and his family...that you had the other time at Fremd, where he just wants access to the girls locker room, and what's wrong with that? Wilson: Right, it's actually been an ann...we just celebrated the two-year anniversary where the District decided to cave to the Obama Administration and let the student at Fremd have access to the girls locker room. And District 211 let's EVERY student with gender dysphoria have access to the locker room they desire. This student wants, as Amy said, he wants more. He wants to change clothes right next to the girls in the locker room. It's not enough that he has access TO the locker room. And let's be clear, that is a HUGE violation of privacy. Privacy begins at the locker room door, for obvious reasons. The District sided with this extreme position two years ago, and they are STILL being sued by the only students they chose to protect two years ago. Their policy violates the privacy of 99.7% of the student population. Jacobson: So, what about the girls' privacy? Because he hasn't gone through the operation yet, so he doesn't have the same body parts as they do. So what about THEIR rights? Wilson: Exactly. So our position is kids with gender dysphoria who are struggling, they shouldn't be...you know, we separate these spaces by anatomy. And if a child with dysphoria is struggling we say "Okay, if you're a boy and you're not comfortable there, fine. You should get an accomodation." But the opposite sex locker room is COMPLETELY unreasonable. If he is uncomfortable in his locker room with other biological anatomical boys, how on Earth does he think the girls feel? So our solution is three very simple words: Accommodate, don't violate. Very simple! But again, the District is on the extreme side of this, and they are suing not just for full access this time, total unrestricted access, but for money. For money this time! The media is not reporting that. They want financial compensation, damages for emotional distress... Jacobson: *disgusted* Oh my God... Wilson: ...forget about all the girls in our lawsuit, who have emotional distress, plus they want interest, AND reimbursement of their attorney fees. Proft: So, let me understand the perspective of the school board and the school district administrative hierarchy. Are they surrendering because they're worried about the litigation costs and the financial implications for the district, or are they advocates for this kind of gender fluidity in the schools? Cause there's a difference. Wilson: Right. I believe there are people who do think children that are...that there's no difference between a boy with gender dysphoria and a biological girl. That's what this is about, they want to erase ALL lines between boys with gender dysphoria and biological girls. They honestly say "Well, this is a girl, this is a girl!" They have bought into this completely insane idea...I can't figure it out! And the other thing is...we are told...I mean...our school district, we were the first one that Obama came after and threatened our...taking away our funding. Supposedly other school districts are doing the same thing, but it's us who are saying "No, we're only going to do limited access, not full access." And other school districts are...supposedly, I don't know...doing the full access. But again, limited is a HUGE violation. Jacobson: What school districts are doing full access? Do you know? Wilson: Pardon me? Jacobson: Which school districts are giving full access? Wilson: I don't know exactly, but someone said...someone at the ACLU...because OF COURSE the ACLU is behind this...who has a friend there said "Well, everyone is doing it!" 211 is the only one that's not doing it, supposedly, correctly. But I find that extremely hard to believe. We are the largest high school district in the state, and I think that is why, you know, they are trying to make an example of us. Proft: What about the girls? What is the feedback from students about this dude in their locker room, and the way that he wants to be in their locker room? Wilson: So we have over families...we have over fifty families in our lawsuit that we filed in May of last year, and a lot of them say "Look, we understand, we...we care about these kids, we don't want them bullied, we DON'T bully them." If we treat these kids like heroes than the girls are the ones that are intimidated, ridiculed, harassed. If they DO use the private area in the locker room, they are ridiculed and harrassed. And what's weird is our Dr. Case, our superintendent, he issued a statement on this thing, that our community is not divided on this, and that everybody SUPPORTS giving locker room access to the opposite sex. Well, did he conveniently forget about our lawsuit? Proft: Yeah I guess the fifty families you're describing don't count. Let me ask you this about your lawsuit though. You said this student and his family's lawsuit seeks specific performance as well as financial damages. What is your lawsuit seeking? Wilson: So our lawsuit does not ask for a dime. We ask the District to please, you know, institute a policy that protects all children equally, like I said accommodate, don't violate. They refused to do that...had they done it they could have gotten support like we are, wonderful representation from the attorneys at Attorneys Defending Freedom, and they would have gotten them free, and the taxpayers would have paid zero dollars for legal work. Instead they chose the extreme. So our lawsuit...we did release the DoE and the DoJ when Trump was elected and rolled back Obama's guidance, wisely. So we are still just suing the district, and we are not seeking a dime. Jacobson: This kid, Nova Mayday, and his mom, they made the media rounds last week. Have you been in contact with any...or have you...have you been in the locker room or spoken to any girls to see what the setup is for Nova? Wilson: Well see what happened was...it wasn't good enough, the offer by the school district to say "you can be in the girls locker room, we just want you to have your own special place". Now remember, when that happens these students are walking past the girls in the open air while they are changing clothes. But what happened is Nova and his mom said "That's not good enough! I don't want in the locker room unless I can have it my way! My way or the highway!" Proft: Yep, absolutely. Erase the lines and you don't get to redraw them. Vicki...by the way, it's worth noting, for parents and families that care, there's a board meeting Thursday night, 7:30 p.m., 1750 South Roselle Road in Palatine, if interested parties want to come to that board meeting and express their views on this topic to board members, right Vicki? Wilson: Right, right. And if you...yes, PLEASE come, if at all possible. And if you cannot come, please email the Board of Education at BoardOfEducation@D211.org or SuperintendentDCase@D211.org. They need to hear from people. Proft: Okay. And Parents for Privacy, if you want to contact Vicki Wilson and her group, D211ParentsForPrivacy@Gmail...D211ParentsForPrivacy@Gmail is that organization's email. Vicki Wilson, thanks so much for joining us, appreciate it. Wilson: Thank you both for having me, appreciate it. Jacobson: And good luck Thursday night! And she joined us on our Turnkey Dot Pro Answer Line.

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