school safety

Social Experiment Gone Awry In Parkland

Why don’t schools have the same protections as venues such as concerts or airports? Did political correctness bring about the tragedy in Parkland? Did a social experiment gone bad cost lives? Will the recent suspension of the Broward County Sheriff change anything? Andrew Pollack whose daughter was murdered in the Parkland school shooting joins Dan and Amy to discuss how he has been trying to right this wrong.

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Student Presses Record, School Presses Charges

A 13-year-old boy has been charged with one count of felony eavesdropping by his school for recording a conversation regarding detentions with his principal and vice principal. What rights should students have while in school? How much does Manteno's school administration rely on intimidation to quell conflict with their students? Leah McNally, the mother of the 13-year-old student, joins Dan and Amy to discuss.

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“Sensible Reforms” AKA Gun Confiscation

Arne Duncan says parents shouldn't send their kids to school until we pass more gun control laws. Esquire editor confirms what we knew to be true, the objective of "gun control" advocates is to eliminate the private ownership of guns. President of the Crime Prevention Research Center, John Lott Jr. joins Dan and Amy with reaction to last week's school shooting in Texas and what he thinks could be possible solutions to the problem.

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What We Learned From The Walkouts

The main thing we learned from the 3,000+ school walkouts that occurred and those already being planned for April 20 is who is in charge of K-12 education in America.

And that should frighten you more than your average 18-year-old with a rifle or a violent video game.

Those pillaging America’s schools like Malcolm McDowell and his droogs in “A Clockwork Orange” are in charge of our schools not attending them.

It’s zero tolerance on the one hand and tolerance of everything including thuggery on the other.

If you’re a white kid who scrawls the square root sign evoking a gun on a math assignment, they bring in Jack Bauer and put him on the clock.

If you’re a minority kid, say in Parkland, Florida, you can threaten to shoot up your school and no one will say anything. Under the guise of racial equity, schools are moving to remove disciplinary consequences for certain students and take discretion away from law enforcement in the process.

Neither are teachers immune from the imposition of Leftist orthodoxy. Just ask the California teacher put on administrative leave for hazarding a thoughtful discussion with her class about the politics of protests ahead of the walkout.

With the politics being pushed on their kids, now is a good time for more parents to wake up and walk into their kids’ schools for a healthy stop, look and listen.