Dems Have Been Using The Same Line Since 1979. How's It Working Out?

Governor Rauner has used his amendatory veto on Democrats' School Funding Bill. They say that Rauner and Republicans are hostile to Chicago schoolchildren. Has Democrat rhetoric on school-funding changed at all in the past 40 years? What's next for school funding legislation? If there is no possibility of a deal, is Speaker Madigan's next play to woo 4 Republicans to override the governor's veto? Illinois State Senator Dan McConchie (R-Hawthorn Woods) joins Dan and Shaun Thompson to discuss. 


Heart Of The Matter: It's For The Kids

In Upstream Ideas' 'Heart of the Matter,' Jodi Carroll, a wife and mother of three, discusses the direct impact local government policies and actions have on our families and everyday lives. In this episode, how do school referendums and other property tax increases hurt families and cause home values to decline?


Can This Man Defeat Luis Gutierrez?

On this week's Against the Current (ATC), Dan Proft sits down with longtime Spanish media personality turned Democrat candidate for Congress Javier Salas. After 22-years, has the Latino community had enough of El Gallito? How will their competing views on Rahm and what should be his future define the race? And what do those disparate views suggest as to where Latino families are on Rahm? Proft and Salas discuss what, if any, pathway to a pathway to immigration reform could be forged and how Salas would approach that issue as well as K-12 school reform differently. Should Republicans consider crossing over to vote in the Democrat primary? Javier Salas makes his case on this installment of ATC.