scott adams

The Left’s Emotional Manipulation

Is Trump’s overly simplistic video shown to Kim Jong Un going to be effective? Are the problems with families at the border a showing of how ineffective government has been on immigration laws?  Is the Trump administration overplaying its hand with it's "zero tolerance" policy on immigration pending reforms? Trump Whisperer and Dilbert cartoon creator, Scott Adams joins Dan and Amy to discuss.

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Who Should Trump Start Firing?

Clinton Foundation Donor Zero's "interview" was an hour-long opportunity for Comey to emote about matters we already know. Were the questions not asked about McCabe and the FBI IG report the actual newsworthy part? What’s worse for Trump, the Russian or Cohen investigation? Trump Whisperer and Dilbert cartoon creator, Scott Adams joins Dan and Amy to discuss.

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The Most Effective Tweeter In The World

Is Trump succeeding in drawing attention to a policy issue where he wants people to focus even if it’s provocative? As the media is deliberating the appropriateness of Trump’s current tweets, he is already a step ahead with more tweets to change the conversation. Even though Trump may be the most effective tweeter in the world, does he also tweet with the same norms and mishaps of a regular user? Dan and Amy try to understand Trump's Twitter habits with Dilbert cartoonist and “Trump Whisperer,” Scott Adams.

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Mass Hysteria Bubble

Are we in a mass hysteria bubble or are we ever not in one? What is the biggest mass hysteria going on right now? Did Trump shrink to the pressure in delivering leadership in his response to Charlotteville? Dilbert Cartoonist, Scott Adams joins Dan and Amy to discuss Trump’s possible inner thoughts.

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Trump's Successes Are Real

How is master communicator Trump doing on the persuasion metric? Was Trump's first attempt at health care reform a failure? Has he created the perfect negotiating situation by walking away? Dilbert cartoon creator and Trump whisperer Scott Adams joins Dan & Amy to present the case that maybe Trump has a plan and a system in place that will achieve success.