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Right To Self Defense

Is law enforcement in favor of concealed carry? Could concealed carry citizens serve as a deterrent to these mass shooters? Does the media and leftist politicians make it more about the gun and less about the evil doer? Are red flag laws a reasonable solution? President of the U.S. Concealed Carry Association, Tim Schimdt joins Dan and Amy to discuss.

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“Do Something”

Is there any evidence that universal background checks would have prevented any of the mass shootings that have occurred in the last decade? Are mass shooters crazy but not stupid when they pick soft target areas in gun free zones? President of Crime Prevention Research, John Lott Jr. joins Dan and Amy to discuss.

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Black Gun Ownership In Chicago

Should we be getting rid of guns in Chicago’s south and west sides as politicians promote or encourage safe, legal gun ownership? Dickson “Q” Amoa joins Dan and John Kass to discuss the 761st Gun Club in Chicago.

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Punishing Those Who Follow The Rules

How do we change the perception of black ownership of guns? What has been the reception of white liberals who can’t use the race card on groups like Black Guns Matter? Is the white male the biggest threat in minority communities? Why is the go to solution from politicians to punish the people who are actually following the rules? Hip Hop artist and founder of Black Guns Matter, Maj Toure joins Dan and John Kass to discuss.

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Reactive Regulation

How do we regulate firearms when criminals don’t abide by the laws? Is there a such thing as loopholes through online sales or gun shows? Is there any blanket federal laws that would slow down the sale of guns over state lines? Tom Vandermyde with the Federal Firearms Licensees of Illinois joins Dan and Kristin McQueary to discuss.

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The Failures Of Gun Control

Could Democratic Socialists nationalize gun control to their advantage? Does most gun control legislation actually hurt the people they intend to benefit? President of the Crime Prevention Research Center, John Lott Jr. joins Dan and Amy to discuss.

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Where Criminals Get Their Guns

Would more background checks limit the number of guns on the streets in the first place? Is disarming officers in schools in Baltimore a productive idea? Should there be less focus on rare mass shootings and more on the vast majority of gun violence that we have good data on how to prevent? Deputy Managing Editor at National Review, Robert VerBruggen joins Dan and Amy to discuss.

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What To Do To Prevent Mass Shootings

Should mass shootings be treated as a public health crisis? Should there be interviews with family members in order for someone to purchase a gun? Would getting rid of “gun free zones” help prevent mass shootings? Is it time for family and friends to step up and intervene if they know someone has a chance of being violent? Should we expect Democrats in the House to move on gun control even though they haven’t in the past? President of the Crime Prevention Research Center, John Lott Jr. joins Dan and Amy to discuss.

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Black Guns Matter In Chicago

Maj Toure, Founder of Black Guns Matter, tells reporters and supporters, “I don’t think there’s a black gun culture or white gun culture, I think there’s an informed gun culture and an ignorant gun culture.” On this edition of Upstream Ideas’ ‘Fresh Cuts,’ Maj joins Host Jeff Coleman along with WLS-AM talk show host Stephanie Trussell and Noil Petroleum Corporation CEO & President Steve Neely to discuss his views.


Zero Convictions Of Concealed Carry Holders

Is the media more likely to report on a story of concealed carry permit holder being heroic or making a mistake? What is the end game of gun control proponents’ policies? Does Illinois do everything to make the process of obtaining a concealed carry permit as difficult as possible for the groups who are in the most need of protection? President of the Crime Prevention Research Center, John Lott Jr joins Dan and Amy to discuss. 

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“Sensible Reforms” AKA Gun Confiscation

Arne Duncan says parents shouldn't send their kids to school until we pass more gun control laws. Esquire editor confirms what we knew to be true, the objective of "gun control" advocates is to eliminate the private ownership of guns. President of the Crime Prevention Research Center, John Lott Jr. joins Dan and Amy with reaction to last week's school shooting in Texas and what he thinks could be possible solutions to the problem.

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“Sanctuary” For Gun Owners

Was it finally time to declare “sanctuary” for law-abiding gun owners? Are gun owners in Effingham County flipping the script on Democrats? Effingham County Board member, David Campbell joins Dan and Amy to explain his second amendment sanctuary county resolution.

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Is Trump Forgetting Why He Was Elected?

Was Trump the result of a movement and not the cause? Is Trump going to reign in some of his ruling class politicians? Will he stay strong on DACA? Should every Democrat be asked if they agree with Justice Stevens on calling for the repeal of the second amendment? Washington Examiner Reporter, Salena Zito joins Dan and John to discuss.

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People who don’t anything about guns, gun crimes, gun policy, and the use of guns for self defense are telling other Americans what’s best for them. Is the current gun control debate stigmatizing the act of explaining the truth? Has this turned more into a culture war than a policy debate? Writer at National Review, David French joins Dan and Scot to discuss.

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What We Learned From The Walkouts

The main thing we learned from the 3,000+ school walkouts that occurred and those already being planned for April 20 is who is in charge of K-12 education in America.

And that should frighten you more than your average 18-year-old with a rifle or a violent video game.

Those pillaging America’s schools like Malcolm McDowell and his droogs in “A Clockwork Orange” are in charge of our schools not attending them.

It’s zero tolerance on the one hand and tolerance of everything including thuggery on the other.

If you’re a white kid who scrawls the square root sign evoking a gun on a math assignment, they bring in Jack Bauer and put him on the clock.

If you’re a minority kid, say in Parkland, Florida, you can threaten to shoot up your school and no one will say anything. Under the guise of racial equity, schools are moving to remove disciplinary consequences for certain students and take discretion away from law enforcement in the process.

Neither are teachers immune from the imposition of Leftist orthodoxy. Just ask the California teacher put on administrative leave for hazarding a thoughtful discussion with her class about the politics of protests ahead of the walkout.

With the politics being pushed on their kids, now is a good time for more parents to wake up and walk into their kids’ schools for a healthy stop, look and listen.


Chicago GOP Files IG complaint Against CPS For School Walkouts

Students across the nation are staging “walkouts” for gun violence in light of the recent mass shooting in Parkland, FL. If teachers are herding their students out into the streets and encouraging them to make posters about gun control isn’t that violating the law? Chicago GOP Chairman, Chris Cleveland joins Dan and Amy to discuss the IG complaint he filed against CPS for breaking the law and holding political rallies during public time on public property.

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Proft: Good morning, Dan and Amy. So, the guy that Eddie Redmayne played passed away, and Stephen Hawking died at the age of 76, came over the transom late yesterday evening. Jacobson: He was diagnosed with ALS at...in 1963...so he has lived with this disease for decades. Proft: Yeah, obviously a famed theoretical cosmologist... Jacobson: ...renowned scientist, all that. Proft: Right...although he was wrong about Higgs-Boson, wasn't he? And he had to admit that Peter Higgs was right. We'll debate... Jacobson: I remember that...we're gonna debate that in the last hour of the show this morning. Proft: 8 o'clock hour, we're gonna debate that, we're gonna re-enact the argument between Stephen Hawking and Peter Higgs about the Higgs-Boson, the particle that gives...the God Particle, as of course you know... Jacobson: Of course! Proft: ...you know, the matter that gives protons...you know, protons and electrons mass. So that's gonna be a fun 8 o'clock hour. Stephen Hawking also known as a great comedic actor, in such series as Family Guy. Hawking(?)(from tape): Tell your wife to come over to my place if she wants a little boom-shaka-laka-laka-laka. Boom-shaka-laka-laka-laka. Boom-shaka-laka-laka-laka. Boom. Proft: Is that too soon? Jacobson: No, but this is...I mean, he did have a funny side to him, when he was Larry King once, Larry King asked him "What puzzles you the most about this world?" And he said "Women." He couldn't figure women out. He could figure everything else out but not us, our gender. Proft: Yeah, that was a good one. He was better on Family Guy when he had writers. Hawking(?)(from tape): *Hawking and a woman having sex with robotic voices* Jacobson: DAN! That IS when you say...WAY too soon, not just too soon. Proft: Eh. He would have enjoyed it. Yeah, you just mentioned his great sense of humor that he had. Jacobson: He did have a great sense of humor. And that's why he let them use his appearance and his voice on Family Guy and on The Simpsons. Proft: Right. I mean, everybody can talk about cosmology! This is... Jacobson: Einstein's theory of relativilly! Proft: Umm, I'm sorry? Who's what? Alright, switching gears. Today is March 14th, by my look at the calendar. That means a bunch of kids who were in charge of schools where adults get paid are walking out to protest gun violence, protest guns... Jacobson: They want the banning of assault rifles, assault weapons... Proft: ...whatever those are...memorialized the 17 that were murdered in Parkland. But in Chicago, that is being met with some resistance. Ahh, the resistance turns the tables, and that is the Chicago Republican Party has sued CPS over these walkouts. Why did they do that, and how are they faring? For more on that topic we're pleased to be joined by Chris Cleveland, who is the chairman of the Chicago Republican Party. Chris, thanks for being with us. Cleveland: Thanks Dan. Proft: So, why the lawsuit against...or maybe you're just seek injunctive relief, but why the action against CPS? Cleveland: Well, what we've actually done is filed a complaint with the Inspector General, and we'll see what he actually does. But the problem is that we've got teachers who are taking kids out for a political rally on public property and public...you know, public time! And it's just...this is political indoctrination. And it's totally inappropriate. Proft: Well, what...how many schools...because I know my kids' school is not doing it, but how many CPS schools are planning a walkout? Do you know? Cleveland: Well, we know the walkouts are going to be widespread. The one that triggered it, it was...my own school. I have a child in a CPS school and in this one, they were planning to take grades 5 thru out, herd them outside for this demonstration they encouraged them to make posters about gun control to express their opinion about it. Now, I don't think they're telling these kids to be AGAINST gun control here, it's clear that they're pushing a political view upon them. Proft: Well, we've seen this from some of the survivors from Parkland and other school shootings who've spoken out...that there's some divided opinion among young people about guns, as there is in the general public. And so you've had some people...some people's kids...say "Well, no, I'm not opposed to guns" or "No, I don't think banning guns is the answer to what happened in Parkland". And is there any indication from your kid's experience or what you've heard that people who don't hew to the orthodoxy of the Chicago Teachers Union on the issue are being allowed to express themselves too? Cleveland: No, there's no indication of it, because this is an elementary school. These kids are 10, 11 years old, the grades you know 5 through 8....14. They're not old enough to have formed an informed political opinion on this sort of thing. And they're gonna do what their teachers tell them to do in this case, or what their peers are saying they should do. And what they're going to do is herd all these kids out and the few kids who choose not to participate...they do have some provision for this...they're gonna be put in their own room, where they just have to sit by themselves, in this room. Proft: A veritable overhead BIN, Amy. Jacobson: Will you STOP IT? But then they could face bullying from other students who want them to take part in this protest, which they believe is like their civic duty to do so. You had mentioned that they encouraged the kids to make posters, did the teachers tell them what exactly should be on the posters, or encourage them with some "helpful suggestions"? Cleveland: Well, all we know for sure is what the principal said in his email, and he said they are "encouraged to bring posters to express their opinion." Now, you can guess what that means exactly. Proft: Yeah, and so you...the complaint has been filed with the Inspector General, the CITY Inspector General? Cleveland: Right. The CPS Inspector General. Proft: Oh right the CPS Inspector General. Well, CPS, the city, CPS...I keep forgetting that we pretend CPS and the city are two different things. Yes, so and...so, but this is something obviously you filed this yesterday, the walkout's today, obviously they're not going to adjudicate it. So, this is going to happen, right? Unless you pull your specific child, you pull your kid out of school or something like that. Cleveland: Well, we've appealed to the good sense of CPS (Proft: *laughs loudly*), and if they're wise enough to recognize that this is an EXPLICIT violation of CPS policy, written CPS policy. It's a violation of state law, AND it's a violation of the First Amendment, you THINK that they would call the principals or put out a note and say "Hey, cmon, you can't do this." Are they gonna have the good sense to do this? I dunno. But somehow I doubt it. Jacobson: Wow. So, personally, what have you decided to do with your daughter or son? Are they going to stay in a specific classroom while people walk? Are they just going to go outside and get some fresh air? Cleveland: Well, he's a third-grader. So, he's not going to be among those who are herded outside for this thing. So we've dodged that bullet this time, who knows what will happen in a couple of years when we have to deal with it? Proft: Well, that's the...that's the remarkable thing, isn't it? I mean, you mentioned it, but it bears repeating and emphasizing...first second third grades, fourth fifth graders, and they're supposed to take hard positions on public policy issues like guns and get out there with placards and...obviously this is just following the lead of the adults...to the extent that you call THAT leadership. And it's exploitive, really, isn't it? Cleveland: Well, yeah, of course! It's coercive, at that age, it's coercive. It's political indoctrination. And not only does it not make any sense, as it's obviously wrong, it's a VIOLATION OF THE LAW. I mean, you can't be doing this. State law says you can't use public property for private political purposes. I mean, it's crystal clear! Jacobson: Yeah, and if you're worried about kids safety...keeping them in school as opposed to forcing them to go outside...cuz I know personally, our school is on a busy street, so I don't want that to happen. Proft: Or if you're just worried about, as Chris mentioned, you know, the rule of law in a free society, if you're worried about the state law meaning anything... Jacobson: Well, the head of Chicago Public Schools came out and assured parents that students would not be punished for participating. So even though...if a school is doing that and a student wants to just walk out and leave, they're not going to be punished. Proft: What about the...but the question is, should the people breaking the law be punished? I guess it's the operative question, right? Cleveland: Yeah, yeah, obviously. And as I said, CPS has an explicit rule, which explicitly prohibits political demonstrations or rallies on public property, the teachers who lead this sort of thing ought to be subject to SOME kind of penalties, or else the rule is meaningless. Proft: Alright, he is Chris Cleveland...appealing to the good sense of CPS. Jacobson: Good luck with THAT! (Cleveland laughs) We're pullin' for ya! Proft: He is chairman of the Chicago Republican Party. Chris, thanks so much for joining us, appreciate it. Cleveland: Thank you, Dan and Amy.

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An Inside Look At Diana Rauner's Political Influence

Newly leaked emails show just how influential First Lady Diana Rauner was in moving the governor's office to the left, and making political calculations to try and improve the governor's image despite policy failures. On this week's "Illinois Rising" Pat Hughes and Brian Timpone talk to Edgar County Watchdogs' Kirk Allen about the newly obtained info, and what it tells Illinoisans about the inner workings of the governor's office. Hughes and Timpone also talk to Joshua Griffith, who is challenging sitting Republican state Rep. Norine Hammond, about his race railing against tax hikes. Also this week – what would a progressive tax mean for your family? A new proposal in Springfield shows income taxes going up on just about everyone.








Media Spin At Wheaton Gun Show

Are gun owners going to be the next group Governor Rauner betrays? Is common sense gun reform from misinformed anti-gun activists translation for gun confiscation from law-abiding gun owners? Bob Garza from Illinois Gun Owners Together joins Dan and Amy with a first-person account of the protest and counter-protest at the Wheaton gun show over the weekend. 

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CNN Town Hall Or NRA Fundraiser?

How many adults in charge of how many institutions have to make the wrong judgment calls before we focus on human actors rather than inanimate objects? Our institutions failed us, but, the left and the media are trying to shift the blame on the NRA. Should we focus on enforcing the laws on the books before trying to pass more? Publisher at TheFederalist.com, Ben Domenech joins Dan and Amy to discuss.

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The Right Question

Guns have no moral agency.

Predators hurt and kill people. Often they use a gun.

Good guys protect people. Often they use a gun.

When a predator kills with a gun he is rightly called a monster.

When a good guy with a gun fails to protect people he is rightly called a coward.

The very nature of the way we discuss an atrocity like the Parkland school shooting conveys our understanding that it’s bad guys and good guys who are responsible for what they do and not the instrumentality they use in their conduct.

So arguing that the response to the deadly success of the shooter and the failure of the deputy sheriff is to reduce the number of good guys and their instrumentality choices does not logically follow from the accepted premise.

And neither does the failure of state agencies locally and federally to exercise the power they currently possess make the case for expanding their power at the expense of our rights.

No amount of emergency planning or algorithmic modeling or government power can replace the variety of human judgment calls that will be thrust upon a free people.

The question then isn’t what’s in my holster, it’s what’s in my head and my heart?