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Out Of Touch

What is the Democrats’ message heading into 2020? Is the field of candidates who aren’t parents show how out of touch they are with reality? Is Trump willing to shut down government again to move forward with border security talks? Senior Contributor at American Greatness, Julie Kelly joins Dan and Amy to discuss.

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Never Ending Government Shutdown

Did the President offer a fair compromise over the weekend? Are Senate Democrats satisfied with the status quo and lack of border security because it benefits them politically? How long should we expect the shutdown to last until someone gives? U.S. Senator from Indiana, Mike Braun joins Dan and Amy to discuss.

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Border Wall Or Bust

Will House GOP members stand behind Trump's border wall funding or bust position? Will Senate Democrats play ball? Is Nancy Pelosi unable to cut a deal with Trump because she’ll otherwise lose her race for Speaker? What’s the big deal with a government shutdown anyway? Wisconsin Congressman Sean Duffy joins Dan and Kristen McQueary to discuss.

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“Credibly Accused” Nonsense

What does Kavanaugh’s freshman roommate have to say about him and his drinking? Will Senators vote based on feelings or the facts and evidence? Did Kavanaugh’s testimony full of righteous anger ensure his nomination? Did the Democrats help unite the Republican Party?  Co-Founder of TheFederalist.com, Sean Davis joins Dan and Amy to discuss.

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NYT Runs 5th Trump Tax Fraud Hit Piece

Is Trump willing to take potential legal action against the New York Times most recent hit piece about his taxes? Do CNN anchors know the difference between tax avoidance and tax evasion? Where is the interest in fraudulent accounting by the government? Republicans gave Democrats the week they wanted for the FBI Kavanaugh investigation. Now what? CNN Chief Economist, Steve Moore joins Dan and Amy to discuss.

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The Left Declares War On Due Process

Are the Democrats going to rue the day they asked for the FBI investigation? If the left can do this to Kavanaugh, can’t they do this to anyone? Does the progressive left see themselves as the only ones worthy of power? Should this be a wake-up call to all the beltway establishment Republicans? Editor of The New Criterion and columnist for PJ Media, Roger Kimball joins Dan and Amy to discuss. 

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Democrats Laying Kavanaugh Trap

Why are all men responsible for the bad actions of a few? Are accusers and the accused deemed credible dependent on their politics? Are the Republicans right to concede to the left and extend the process? What will be the new demands from Democrats after the investigation is completed this week? Columnist for National Review, John Fund joins Dan and Amy to discuss.

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GOP Senators Finally Fight Back

Does this moment change our politics for the foreseeable future or will it fade in a week? Does the GOP establishment--Kavanaugh included--get it now? Do they get what they're up against? Or do they want to continue to get suckered by the Left's bipartisanship Siren song? National Review columnist and Senior Fellow at the Hoover Institution, Victor Davis Hanson joins Dan and Amy to discuss.

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Another Impeachment Target On The Ballot

Will the midterms now be a referendum on impeaching Trump and Kavanaugh? Was Ford ever given a hard question? Was she sincere but had no evidence to back up her emotional testimony? 
What does the number and quality of women who rallied to Kavanaugh’s defense show about his character? Was this a clarifying cultural moment? NY Post columnist, Michael Goodwin joins Dan and Amy to discuss.

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Kavanaugh Saved His Own Nomination

Could Dennis Miller's description of Congress as a bunch of "mediocre intellects Earl Scheib-ed into looking somewhat consequential" ever be more appropriately applied than to the Senate Judiciary Committee? Was Kavanaugh also fighting for his current job? Does credibility actually matter? Georgetown law professor, Randy Barnett joins Dan and Amy to discuss. 

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College Campus Kangaroo Courts Entering SCOTUS Hearings

Why would a former Scalia clerk recklessly suggest one of Kavanaugh’s classmates is the true assailant? Why do Ford and her attorneys believe they are in charge of the Senate? Is the left trying to bring the kangaroo courts of college campuses into the Supreme Court nomination process? Why is it a rush to have the hearing this Monday since she submitted her complaint in July? Writer at National Review, David French joins Dan and Amy to discuss.

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Democrats’ 11th Hour Mistake

Should women be outraged at all white men? Are Democrats reiterating their talking points to move suburban women to the polls? Is this charade with the Kavanaugh accusations going to backfire on the Democrats? What more could Republicans have done to allow the accuser to tell her story? Mike Gallagher joins Dan and Amy to discuss.

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Getting Beyond The Shrieking At SCOTUS Hearing

There were important exchanges between Kavanaugh and Senators on guns, abortion, administrative state, executive power in between the histrionics. Are vast right wing conspiracy groups influencing the Supreme Court? Is there a confusion of what judges are supposed to do and what the public thinks they do? Listen to Civics 101 by Ben Sasse. Senior Legal Fellow at the Heritage Foundation, Tom Jipping joins Dan and Amy to discuss.

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The Price You Are Willing To Pay

If a tax hike passed by Illinois Senate Democrats becomes law, families will send even more money to Springfield. For example, the average family in Glen Ellyn will pay an additional $1,483 in taxes, about the cost of a family vacation. All this, so that Legislative Democrats can continue to skirt the responsible spending cuts and reforms necessary to balance the budget. Is that a price you are willing to pay? Pat Hughes explains in this edition of Dollars and Sense.