Dumbing Down Your Smartphone

We can eliminate Islamist terrorism with love, sweet love, it’s the only thing that there’s just too little of, according to Attorney General Dionne Warwick.

And we can eliminate gun violence by turning emojis into ploughshares, according to Apple CEO Tim Cook.

As part of its new iPhone operating system, Apple has replaced its pistol emoji with a lime green squirt gun. Call is sensible emoji control.

It’s just an emoji, yes. And Tim Cook has every right to dumb down his smartphone as his contribution to the Left’s woozy, zero-tolerance dreamworld where even his water gun could get a kid expelled from school.

But it’s emblematic of the Left’s proclivity for preemptive intellectual disarmament in the face of violence perpetrated in the ‘hood or by those wearing hoods.

Tim Cook’s wealth insulates him from the barbarism his sentimentality represents and begets.

Tim Cook never has to worry about his physical security. He’s got an app for that. And it affords him the luxury of being very cavalier when it comes to your security.

Take Apple’s advice and, “Think Different” from its CEO as the unsafest places in America are between the ears of Leftist elites like Tim Cook.

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