“Why I Stand”

Is Trump finally shining a spotlight on cities like Baltimore that have been failing under Democratic rule for decades? Can liberals no longer blame racism for everything wrong in America? Why is the Chicago Teacher’s Union flacking for Venezuelan dictator Maduro? Are reparations an insult to the black community? Former NFL player, Burgess Owens joins Dan and Amy his new book, "Why I Stand: From Freedom to the Killing Fields of Socialism."

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Government Takeover Of The American Dream

Is the capitalist system out of date? Why are the Democrats focused on bringing back the old failed system of socialism? Senior Editor at National Review, Jay Nordlinger joins Dan and Amy to discuss.

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Moderates Vs. Progressives

Is Sen. Warren a progressive capitalist? Was she the clear winner last night? Why weren’t candidates asked about impeachment or next steps after the Mueller hearing? Should members of the “Squad” be seen as opportunities rather than liabilities in the Democratic Party? Founder of the Insurrection, Elisabeth Spiers joins Dan and Amy to discuss.

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2020: A Choice Between Two Bernies

In a sense the 2020 race is shaping up as a choice between two Bernies. 

A Right Bernie and a Left Bernie. 

Do you like the Capitalist Bernie or the Bolshevik Bernie?

These two Bernies have neatly defined the choice in 2020.

On the one hand is Home Depot founder, the creator of a half-million jobs, and billionaire Bernie Marcus who is spending his golden years giving away his money to worthy causes.

On the other hand is Soviet devotee Sen. Bernie Sanders who is spending his golden years the same way he spent his formative ones---giving away other people’s money.

Bernie Marcus is an unabashed Trump supporter undeterred by threats of a Home Depot boycott by Marxist mobsters.

Bernie Sanders is an unrepentant redistributionist who said on Meet the Press recently his goal is “to make the poor richer and the rich poorer.”

Bernie Marcus doesn’t believe helping people is a zero-sum proposition.

Bernie Sanders believes everything should be free except freedom.

Which Bernie will you support in 2020?

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Pelosi Vs. The Squad

Is Trump successfully raising the profile of the unfavorable Democratic Congresswoman paving his way to victory in 2020? Are the members of the “Squad” making Pelosi look moderate? Is Joe Biden apologizing his way to the nomination? Co-Chair of the RATE Coalition, Jim Pinkerton joins Dan and Amy to discuss.

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Free College: For Millennials, Paid By Millennials

Are baby boomers making economic stability difficult for millennials? Would free tuition and college debt forgiveness allow millennials to economical flourish? If so, who’s going to pay for it? WSJ Editorial Board Member, Joseph C. Sternberg joins Dan and Shaun to discuss.

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Leftist Cleanse

How do the big social media giants determine what news sites are “credible?” Do Democrats decry corporate power even though they tend to be allies? Is there any way for any of the Democrats to center themselves once they’ve already driven themselves so far to the left during the Primary? Book editor at the Federalist, Mark Hemmingway joins Dan and Amy to discuss.

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“Boring” Democrat Debate

Will anything remain memorable from the first Democrat debate as the campaigns continue on? Who has the most to gain in these debates? Are de Blasio and Warren the only ones being honest about wanting a solely government run healthcare plan? Washington Examiner reporter, Salena Zito joins Dan and Amy to discuss.

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Civil War In The Democratic Party

When did the blue collar working class Democrats switch to the Republican Party? Is there a pathway to victory for Democrats even if they are still divided on some issues that were once core to their party principles? Former Intelligence Officer, Ted Van Dyk joins Dan and Amy to discuss how to unite the Democrat Party.

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The Moral Case Against Eliminating Student Loan Debt

Who owes the majority of student debt? If Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren wipe out student loan debt, what happens to those who already paid off their loans? Are college tuition costs a trap for middle class families? Professor of Economics at the College of William and Mary, David H. Feldman joins Dan and Amy to discuss.

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“Anybody But Trump”

Are the Democrats who are defending AOC’s comparison of migrant detention camps to concentration camps demagoguing or historically ignorant? Why is the quality of life regressing in California? Are politicians like Nancy Pelosi and Gavin Newsom never subjected to the consequences of their policies? Historian and Senior fellow at the Hoover Institution, Victor Davis Hanson joins Dan and Amy to discuss.

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Biden/Booker Battle

Are some Democratic presidential candidates trying to eliminate convenient parts of history? Do the woke mobs represent the balance of opinion among ordinary Democrats? Should the fight against socialism make up the majority of Trump’s three hour rallies? How much do crowd size and enthusiasm matter? Editor of National Review, Rich Lowry joins Dan and Amy to discuss.

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20 In For The Democrat-Socialist POTUS Debate

What candidate needs to move early if they’re going to stay in this race? Can Beto resuscitate his campaign with a strong debate showing? Does Trump love having the impeachment debate with the Democrats? Was Pelosi the audience for the Watergate theatrics to persuade her on impeachment? Politico Senior White House Correspondent, Darren Samuelsohn joins Dan and John Kass to discuss.

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Sanders Blasts “Starvation Wages”

How does Bernie Sanders, who has never run a business or even had a real job, have the nerve to go after Wal-mart and their so called “starvation wages?” Why is Wal-Mart the target for socialists yet they improved the purchasing power for everyday Americans? Is Trump imposing tariffs to force the Feds to lower rates? CNBC Contributor, Jim Iuorio joins Dan and Amy to discuss.

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Battle Of Ideas

Is there a subtle conservative message in Game of Thrones about the failures of socialism? Are there only two forms of speech, free speech and government controlled speech, with nothing in between? Are conservatives fighting hard enough in the battle of ideas with the Left? Hollywood screenwriter and podcaster, Andrew Klavan joins Dan and Amy to discuss.

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Trump’s Endgame With China

What will the relaxation of tariffs on Mexico and Canada mean for the passing of the USMCA and what would its passage mean for the U.S. economy? Is Trump protecting the tech industry at the expense of the farmers? Why are Democrats advocating for more socialism that has a 100% failure rate? CNBC contributor, Jim Iuorio joins Dan and Amy to discuss.

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Socialism Light

Will Bernie Sanders’ trip to Russia and criticizing the United States while there backfire on him? How do the Democrats run against the sizzling economy? How nasty will the 2020 election get? Will the Democrats go with a fresh face or stick with “Sleepy” Joe? Editor at National Review, Rich Lowry joins Dan and Amy to discuss.

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Unorthodox But Successful Trump Presidency

Are unhinged congressional Democrats Trump's best weapon for re-election? Are Democrats interested in the truth? Is Trump on the trajectory to win in a landslide with the great economy or will the promise of free giveaways give the edge to the Democrats? Editor at the New Criterion, Roger Kimball joins Dan and Kristen McQueary to discuss.

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The Modern Fight Against Tyranny

Is there a compromise on the horizon for border security? Where is the investigation into 2016 leading? Why do young people lack an understanding of how our founding fathers fought against tyranny? Utah Senator Mike Lee joins Dan and Amy to discuss his new book, “Our Declaration.”

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Is It Finally Biden’s Time?

Are Congressional Republicans on the same page as Trump and want to move on from the Mueller report? Are white working class voters who supported Trump in 2016 going to switch to Biden in 2020? Will Biden’s message emphasize not scaring away independent voters with socialist ideas? Why is there a reluctance of Obama and his officials to endorse Biden? Editor of Washington Free Beacon, Matthew Continetti joins Dan and Amy to discuss.

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