The Big Lie Of The American Left

A Catholic school removes statues. The University of Colorado at Colorado Springs' cultural Marxists want to remove veterans from campus. And a theater removes "Gone with the Wind" from its offerings. Should Hollywood rescind Hattie McDaniels' Oscar while they're at it? Author of “The Big Lie: Exposing the Nazi Roots of the American Left” and New York Times bestseller, Dinesh D'Souza joins Dan and Amy to discuss why he thinks the conservative message will win.

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Confederate Statues Comin' A Tumblin' Down

Confederate statues comin' a tumblin' down. Fine, but where should we stop? Monticello? Washington Monument? Arlington? UVA? A more interesting question is what those donning Che Guevara (Castro' executioner) t-shirts and leading the charge for the removal of statutes would elevate in their places? Should Trump leave Bannon? National Review Writer, David French joins Dan and Amy to discuss the legitimate concerns of the alt right movement.


Affirmative Action Can Lead America Down Dangerous Road

Trump revises and extends his remarks on Charlottesville and garners thanks from the mother of the woman murdered on Saturday. But, where was law enforcement in Charlottesville? Are Americans choosing to ignore the country’s history in taking down statues? Are the Confederate statues reflective of American values? Is the US going down a dangerous road in giving special privileges to certain groups of people? Eminent George Mason University Economist, Walter Williams joins Dan and Amy to address the politics as religion crowd and their church of group identity.