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Trump A Stable Genius Or Sociopath?

Will Wolff's book bring down the Trump Presidency, as he claims? Is the country still getting used to Trump’s unorthodox way of leading compared to past politicians? Bannon offers a non-apology apology but will it be enough to land back in Trump’s good graces? Ronald Kessler, New York Times bestselling author of books on the Secret Service, FBI, and CIA, will be releasing a new Book in April called “Inside the Trump White House” and will include a one-on-one interview with President Trump.

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Is Trump The Weakest Link Of His Administration?

Joe Trippi lays out how Democrats can replicate their success in Alabama nationally, but will all those candidates be running against Roy Moore? The whole country witnessed the chaos in the beginning of the Trump administration and it is now the subject of the new book “Fire and Fury” by Michael Wolff, who had an inside look into the White House during this time. Will this new tell all book actually show the maturation of the current administration? Does the fall out with Bannon after the book's release turn out to be a useful event for Trump? Associate Editor for Commentary Magazine, Noah Rothman joins Dan and Amy to discuss.

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Roy Moore Lost Because Of Roy Moore

The Republican Party base showed up in Alabama, but what about the Mitt Romney and Marco Rubio Republicans? Even if voters detested Moore, did they cast a vote for Moore to protest the media? Is Trump’s declining popularity to blame? What was the effect of the 23,000 write in votes? Is Moore ever going to give a concession speech? Morning host for News/Talk 770 WVNN in Huntsville, Alabama, Dale Jackson joins Dan and Amy to discuss.

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Civil War Brewing In Congress?

“If the status quo was fine, then we would have Hillary Clinton as President.” If there’s no tax reform, what’s the signature piece of legislation in Trump’s first year? What happened to prosecuting Lois Lerner at the IRS? Where’s the outrage from Republicans on continuing to fund Planned Parenthood? Is Trump at a turning point? If so, is that good news? New York Post Columnist and Fox News Contributor, Michael Goodwin joins Dan and Amy to discuss.

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What Happened To America First?

Is Steve Bannon right about DACA and The Catholic Church? How can the Democratic party claim to be the party of working class Americans and also want to hand out millions of work permits to illegal immigrants? Why wasn’t the border wall first priority over DACA? Michelle Malkin contends there's no such thing as a "deserving DREAMer." Senior Editor for the Conservative Review, Michelle Malkin joins Dan and Amy to discuss.

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Bannon’s War

"They’re not going to help you unless they’re put on notice that they’re going to be held accountable if they do not support the President of the United States.”

Those are the words of chief Trump streetfighter Steve Bannon on “60 Minutes” in response to Charlie Rose’s protestation that he is attacking the very GOP leadership whose support the President needs.

Whether or not you agree with all of the component parts of the Trump/Bannon policy agenda—and I do not—Bannon is correct about the mechanics of moving the flag in politics.

As Milton Friedman observed, politics is the art of getting the wrong people to do the right thing. That requires the application of pressure.

A policy agenda is moved mainly by aligning interests not making friends.

And the number one interest of virtually every office-holder is to hold their office.

What the big government press corps in DC describes as “in-fighting” is better understood as an accountability mechanism: you either keep the promises you made or you won’t be in a position to make them anymore.

Members of Congress are not our betters. They are our temporary representatives. All are replaceable. Many are interchangeable.

A political party that has intraparty channels to maintain discipline is a governing party. One that does not will be a minority party until they do. Take it from someone who lives in Illinois.


What Team Rauner Could Learn From Team Trump

There is a difference between attempting to survive and taking the risk to lead. And the rewards are quite different as well.

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Breitbart Senior Editor-at-Large On Bannon: He’s Fair Minded

Joel Pollack, Senior Editor-at-large with Breitbart News, joined Dan Proft to discuss President-elect Trump’s inner circle appointment of Steve Bannon - one that has drawn hysterics from the left. Why? Pollack insists that Bannon is fair minded and seeks out people with non-traditional conservative backgrounds. He says that you want someone like Bannon advising the President and that Bannon can take the heat coming his way. 

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