surrender republicans

Who Won The Shutdown Showdown?

Did Trump not cave but fold temporarily? Are we properly estimating the President? Why is the media ignoring Pelosi’s low approval ratings? Why are Republicans afraid to make their case and instead respond to hysteria? Deputy Editor of The Spectator, Freddy Gray joins Dan and Amy to discuss.

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Demonization Of Christians

Can everyone see the compromise to reopen the government except for the bases on both sides? Why were people on the center/right in a hurry to prove that they aren’t racist to the Democrat press corps and condemn the Covington students before all the information came out? Screenwriter and podcaster, Andrew Klavan joins Dan and Amy to discuss.

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Who Are the Real “Rinos” In The IL GOP?

Why is IL Conservative Party candidate for governor, State Sen. Sam McCann, sending out mailers attacking conservative legislators? Is McCann doing Madigan’s bidding trying to take out suburban Republicans? Does he want another Madigan supermajority? Does he still have a path to victory? Candidate for governor, Sam McCann joins Dan and Amy to discuss.

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Does The "Conservative Party" Have A Chance In IL?

Does State Sen. Sam McCann have a real shot in the governor’s race against the billionaires? Has Madigan and his machine gotten more accomplished under Rauner than any other Democratic governor in the past? What about the rumors that McCann is supported by the unions and a Madigan plant to pull voters from Rauner? "Conservative Party" candidate for governor State Sen. Sam McCann joins Dan and Amy to discuss.

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Conservative Reformers Fight To End Culture Of Abuse

What will it take for Democrats to turn their backs on Madigan? Will Illinois voters hold their representatives accountable come November? State Rep. Tom Morrison joins Dan and Amy to discuss the press conference held by current conservative reform legislators and candidates calling for an end of the abusive culture in Springfield and calling for their Democrat colleagues to do the same and demand Madigan’s resignation.

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Can’t Repeal It? Don’t Fund It

Do IL House and Senate Republicans have any fight left in them? What about for those things they profess to believe most deeply in? Are self-proclaimed pro-lifers, House Leader Durkin and Senate Leader Brady, going to lead the charge and not appropriate money for state-funded abortions? Or will they surrender? Illinois Right to Life lobbyist, Ralph Rivera joins Dan and Amy to discuss.

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An Inside Look At Diana Rauner's Political Influence

Newly leaked emails show just how influential First Lady Diana Rauner was in moving the governor's office to the left, and making political calculations to try and improve the governor's image despite policy failures. On this week's "Illinois Rising" Pat Hughes and Brian Timpone talk to Edgar County Watchdogs' Kirk Allen about the newly obtained info, and what it tells Illinoisans about the inner workings of the governor's office. Hughes and Timpone also talk to Joshua Griffith, who is challenging sitting Republican state Rep. Norine Hammond, about his race railing against tax hikes. Also this week – what would a progressive tax mean for your family? A new proposal in Springfield shows income taxes going up on just about everyone.








Choose Your Candidates Carefully

Both Paul Jacobs and Dan Caulkins are small business owners who understand what it takes to create jobs, create value, and grow the economy. Both men are also veterans who bravely served our country. In this week's Two Minute Warning, Pat Hughes cautions that when you’re deciding who to vote for on March 20th, remember which candidates really have your best interests at heart.


Chris Miller: Leaving Things Better For Your Children

Chris Miller is a vocal Christian conservative leader in his community and Church who has demonstrated his Christian values and his dedication to service through the overnight father-and-son camp he founded to help fathers mentor their sons. Chris is a father of seven and a third-generation farmer who believes the best way to show respect for your blessings is to grow them and leave things better for your children. Pat Hughes explains why we need more people like Chris in Springfield in this week's Two Minute Warning.


Actions Speak Louder Than Words

Rep. David Reis launched his re-election campaign, declaring he “stood up to Michael Madigan and the Chicago Democrat Machine.” But, don't be fooled. Reis stood shoulder to shoulder with Democrats to raise your taxes - again - this time by 32 percent with essentially no reforms to government spending. Pat Hughes takes David Reis to task for forcing you to pay higher taxes then claiming he is standing up to Mike Madigan Madigan.


Put Springfield On A Budget

David Harris was one of the 15 Republican legislators who voted for a budget that included a 32% tax increase, without any reforms to state government spending. Since that vote, Katie and her husband - like many families - have found themselves with less money to spend on groceries and raising their three kids. In fact, they’ve watched as many of their friends and neighbors have chosen to leave Illinois because it’s getting too expensive to stay. That’s why Katie decided to step up and fight for her community. Pat Hughes introduces Katie Miller in this week's Two Minute Warning


Will Anyone Save Us From Surrender Republicans?

Madigan Republicans in Springfield. Obama Republicans in D.C. Even with a GOP majority in the Senate, the Obamacare Replace legislation doesn't seem to have the votes to pass. Is there anything that can save us from the Surrender Republicans? What will the world look like in a year if Obamacare isn't replaced? Does this crisis just move us closer to a single-payer healthcare system? Was the GOP's contradiction on the issue of pre-existing conditions fatal? Will an Obamacare Repeal ever be possible? Healthcare expert and Founder of HealthInsuranceMentors.com, C. Steven Tucker gives Dan and John Kass his diagnosis.


All These "Fiscal Conservatives" Are Killing Us

With all these "fiscal conservatives" in Springfield, why is Illinois broke? Will there be accountability for the 16 Republican legislators who voted for the 32% tax hike? Shouldn't the Illinois GOP be doing less to sabotage the state? Dan and Kristen McQueary, a member of the Chicago Tribune's editorial board, asked Illinois State Rep. Reggie Phillips, one the 16 surrender Republicans who voted for the tax hike.