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Happy Taxiversary!

The Fourth of July week marked the one-year anniversary of the day politicians ended the budget impasse with a permanent 32 percent income tax increase. And we’re no better off than we were last year. In fact, our economy is worse, the job market is weaker, and our credit rating hasn’t improved at all.  Pat Hughes says we shouldn't be celebrating in this week's Two Minute Warning.


Choose Your Candidates Carefully

Both Paul Jacobs and Dan Caulkins are small business owners who understand what it takes to create jobs, create value, and grow the economy. Both men are also veterans who bravely served our country. In this week's Two Minute Warning, Pat Hughes cautions that when you’re deciding who to vote for on March 20th, remember which candidates really have your best interests at heart.


Chris Miller: Leaving Things Better For Your Children

Chris Miller is a vocal Christian conservative leader in his community and Church who has demonstrated his Christian values and his dedication to service through the overnight father-and-son camp he founded to help fathers mentor their sons. Chris is a father of seven and a third-generation farmer who believes the best way to show respect for your blessings is to grow them and leave things better for your children. Pat Hughes explains why we need more people like Chris in Springfield in this week's Two Minute Warning.