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Retaining And Expanding Manufacturing

Is corrupt leadership the only thing getting in the way of economic success in Illinois? How are high property taxes, worker’s comp costs and other regulatory policies affecting manufacturing? Dan and Amy are live from the Technology and Manufacturing Association (TMA) this morning, part of the AM 560/Signature Bank Business Tour, with TMA President Steve Rauschenberger and Chairman Rich Hoster.

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TMA President: IL Legislators Pay Lip Service to Manufacturing But Only 20% Support the Sector with Their Votes

Former State Senator and current President of the Technology & Manufacturing Association (TMA), Steve Rauschenberger, joined Dan & Amy to discuss the state of manufacturing, particularly for small to mid-size manufacturers, in Illinois. Rauschenberger discussed the TMA's recently released scorecard which finds a majority of state legislators with anti-manufacturing voting records. Rauschenberger discussed where policy changes are required to improve the cost of doing business in Illinois. He also explained how apprentice programs and manufacturing-friendly curriculum in high schools and community colleges can prepare young people for the good-paying jobs that are available in manufacturing.

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