tom morrison

Behind The Budget Vote In Springfield

The ruling class politicians in Illinois' General Assembly passed yet another unbalanced budget. Leaders from both parties are taking victory laps on this flawed spending plan. What discussions were taking place behind closed doors prior to the vote? Were rank and file legislators really united?  Why did a group of courageous Republicans vote no against tremendous pressure from their leader? Upstream Ideas went to Springfield the day before the vote to get the scoop on the actual budget process and find out at what negotiations were really like. 


How To Advance The Conservative Reform Agenda In IL

Conservatives are and have been in legislative minorities in Springfield, and now even a Republican governor has turned his back on them on key issues, making reform that much harder. So, what is the way forward to pass policies to turn the country's worst-governed state around?

On this installment of "Against the Current," Dan Proft talks to three leading conservative reform lawmakers – state Reps. Peter Breen, Margo McDermed and Tom Morrison – about how to reform Springfield and the state of Illinois while being outnumbered both by Democrats and big-government types in their own party. Proft and the three legislators address the most important questions facing conservatives in Illinois, among them: How do Republicans appeal to more voters throughout the state? How critical is the Jeanne Ives vs. Bruce Rauner race? And could Mike Madigan – under fire for mishandling sexual harassment allegations – be on the cusp of losing his power? All this and more in a wide-ranging discussion on "Against the Current."