Progressive Pandering

Did Hunter Biden’s interview draw any sympathy? Did the LGBT CNN Townhall do more harm than good for everyday LGBT Americans? Should 11 year olds get to decide their gender destiny? Former editor at large for Out Magazine, Chadwick Moore joins Dan and Amy to discuss.

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The Non-Inclusive Left

Is the progressive left’s guise of anti-discrimination policies actually quite the opposite and not inclusive at all? Will the court accept a government agency redefining sex that is not rooted in biology? What are the widespread consequences if “transgender” becomes a protected class? Senior Counsel for Alliance Defending Freedom, David Cortman joins Dan and Amy to discuss.

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No Longer An Abstraction

Do individualistic desires now trump medical ethics and regulations? Why are trans-activists coming after Catholic hospitals? Did the thousands of fetal remains discovered at a deceased abortionist’s home expose the sad reality of abortion and the culture we live in? Senior Fellow at the Catholic Association, Maureen Ferguson joins Dan and Amy to discuss.

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Give Up Guardianship, Get Aid

Why would a system be set up in a manner to both separate kids from families and allow for loopholes to be found by parents trying to get their kids into college? What is "transing" the curriculum? President of the National Association of Scholars, Peter Wood joins Dan and Amy to discuss.

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The Trouble With Transgenderism

Transgender is a relatively new phenomenon that is taking a hold of American life. More and more people are coming out as transgender and creating 100s of pronouns. Senior fellow at American’s Principle Project, Jane Robbins joins Dan and Amy to discuss the growing transgender population and how we as Americans should understand the issues that come with it.

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Gender Politics For First Graders

Why is gender politics part of the curriculum for first graders? How did children in onr classroom react when their teacher told them boys and girls are not real? What is one parent doing now after her school defended this sort of “education?” Mother of two daughters at the school, Pam Buffone joins Dan and Amy to discuss.

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White Liberal Guilt

Is the reparations debate amongst the 2020 presidential election hopefuls directed to gain the black vote or gain the favor of white liberals? Where is the outrage on the left for the disportionate amount of black babies aborted? Why are men competing against women in sports and disenfranchising female athletes? NFL great and author, Burgess Owens joins Dan and Amy to discuss.

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Gender Identity At The Workplace

Does a man have a legal right to dress like a woman in the workplace? Should judges be able to update preexisting laws and punish businesses for abiding by existing laws? Should we be redfining sex to mean gender identity? Does government have the power to tell someone how to run their business? Senior counselor from The Alliance Defending Freedom, John Bursch joins Dan and Amy to discuss.

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Teaching Boys To Be Men

Why are boys allowed to win women’s track meets? Why is there so much more gender confusion than there used to be? Do parents seeking fame and fortune actually do great harm to their children by allowing them to choose whichever gender they like? Author, Dr. Leonard Sax joins Dan and Amy to discuss why gender matters.

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Conservatives Concede The Culture War

Is Christianity in America in need of a 21st-century Great Awakening? The culture war is real but how will conservatives win when they lead with surrender? How do we have a discussion on culture when basic truths aren’t universally accepted? Distinguished Senior Fellow of the Ethics and Public Policy Center, George Weigel joins Dan and Amy to discuss his new book, "The Fragility of Order".

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Biology Is Not Bigotry

Are transgender activists ignoring realities and out of touch with the general American population? Is the mainstream media’s glamorization of the transition process out of line with the mental and physical struggles of trans people? Is the outrage mob influencing people across the political spectrum? Is there a way to compromise on gender issues in public policy?  Heritage Foundation Senior Research Fellow and author of “When Harry Became Sally,” Ryan Anderson joins Dan and Amy to discuss.

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Your Boy's Got Breasts

“Your boy’s got breasts.”

That’s how a reporter for Australia’s version of “60 Minutes” confronted the mother of 12-year-old Patrick Mitchell.

Patrick thought he wanted to be a girl. So naturally Patrick’s mom rushed out to get him an estrogen prescription.

The problem is Patrick changed his mind.

“I began to realize I was actually comfortable in my body. Every day I just felt better,” said Patrick.

It turns out a preadolescent child didn’t have it all figured out. Who would’ve thunk it?

What a society extols it begets.

According to Gallup, Americans believe approximately one-fourth of the US population is LGBT. That’s at least six times than the actual number of those so identifying.

The ubiquity of celebratory profiles of, say, an American traitor who wants to be The Danish Girl, characters in movies, TV, theater and the like, of LGBT persons distorts their prevalence in the public’s mind.

This is not a comment on tolerance or respect, both of which should be afforded every person from a place of true Christian love for one’s fellow man.

Rather, it is a comment on celebrating that which should be concerning.

Because doing so leads an otherwise loving parent to forfeit their adult judgment and put a 12-year-old in charge of major, life-altering medical decisions. 

Because doing so leads an otherwise loving parent to hurt their child, as Patrick’s mom did.


Does It Increases The Lethality Of The Force?

In just 3 tweets Donald Trump reversed the Obama administration's policy that allowed transgender people to serve openly in the military. Was the decision political or was it about a budget? What will happen with regards to the transgendered men and women currently serving honorably in the military? Jed Babbin, Former United States Deputy Undersecretary of Defense and Contributor to the Washington Times and The American Spectator, joins Dan and Amy to discuss.


The End Of Gender?

Dan and Amy speak with author Ashley McGuire about her book, "Sex Scandal: The Drive to Abolish Male and Female" and the effort by the Hollywood Left and other purveyors of pop culture to normalize feelings about gender over biology. As this mentality negatively impacts women in sports and women's safety on college campuses, will there be a revolt?

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