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The High Cost Of The Swamp

Do government regulations keep people safe? What is slowing down efforts to reform government? Why is IRS Commissioner John Koskinen still in office? Will Republicans embrace the President's agenda? Why are the President's policies being slow-walked within his departments? Ed Feulner, Founder and President of The Heritage Foundation joined Dan & Amy to detail the high cost of waiting to drain the swamp.


When He's Wrong, We Need To Call Him Out

How should Republicans respond to valid criticisms of President Trump? Should someone vet @POTUS' tweets before they are fired off? What should we anticipate from Comey's Congressional testimony? When can we expect to see tax reform? Congressman Sean Duffy, Representative from the 7th Congressional District in Wisconsin, gives Dan and Amy his insights into The Real World of Washington D.C.

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Democrats Are Hysterical Over Trump's Budget

Is a 2% cut in non-defense spending the end of civilization as Democrats claim? Is Trump's proposed budget a great budget? Will it grow the economy and drain the swamp? And what of failed presidential candidate Hillary Clinton's claim that the budget contains "an unimaginable level of cruelty"? Dan & Amy are joined by Steve Moore, Wall Street Journal Columnist; Senior Economist for CNN & former Donald Trump advisor, for reaction to President Trump's budget proposal.


Cortes: They Are Incredibly Optimistic

Are we going to see tax reform? Will we see Obamacare replacement 2.0? Why is the narrative changing every hour? Where will the arrows land? Dan and Amy pose these questions, and more to Steve Cortes, Fox News Contributor and former Donald Trump Hispanic Advisory Council. And Cortes explains why his sources in the White House are optimistic.


The Scott Walker Model

Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker may not stand out on a debate stage that includes Donald Trump and a dozen other GOP Presidential candidates, but he has been a standout conservative reform governor with staying power in the birthplace of modern progressivism who is poised in 2018 to win what seems like his seventeenth re-election campaign since 2010.

Perhaps his fellow cheeseheads Paul Ryan and Reince Priebus could learn from Walker’s executive example.

Walker is understated but unflappable.  He makes big bets on core principles.

The public sector unions could lay siege to Madison and Democrat legislators could abdicate to Rockford, Illinois,—both of which happened—but Walker was not to be deterred.

From the outset, Walker brought jumpy GOP legislative leaders in and held their hands while they collectively implemented reforms that lowered taxes and generated budget surpluses, expanded choice for Wisconsin students and teachers alike, and turned Pleasant Prairie into a Midwestern center of corporate campuses where more jobs are generated weekly than Illinois has net created this century.

Perhaps because of his suburban dad, room temperature personality, Walker hasn’t received the fanfare he deserves. But he has given us a model of conservative reform governance that should be emulated and scaled nationally.


Trump's Successes Are Real

How is master communicator Trump doing on the persuasion metric? Was Trump's first attempt at health care reform a failure? Has he created the perfect negotiating situation by walking away? Dilbert cartoon creator and Trump whisperer Scott Adams joins Dan & Amy to present the case that maybe Trump has a plan and a system in place that will achieve success. 


What Would Reagan Do On Obamacare Repeal?

Dan & Amy are joined by John Heubusch, Executive Director of the Ronald Reagan Foundation and Library,  to discuss the challenge President Trump faces trying to advance a conservative reform agenda without making the perfect the enemy of the good. John weighs in on how Paul Ryan is faring in pushing his Obamacare replacement, and what advice President Reagan would give to the Trump Administration and the House and Senate Caucuses.


Jed Babbin: I Don’t Think We’ve Seen The Best Candidate For Sec. of State Yet

Jed Babbin, former United States Deputy Undersecretary of Defense, talked with Dan Proft & Amy Jacobson about the important Secretary of State nomination. While he’s a fan of both John Bolton and Rudy Giuliani, he doesn’t believe we’ve see the best candidate yet. He also discusses the current state of many European governments and why Trump calling the Taiwanese president is being blown up in the media. 

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