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The “Resistance” Infiltrates The White House

Who wrote the anonymous op-ed? Who stands to benefit the most? How about Simon & Schuster? Why are policy differences with Trump treated like the sinking of the Titanic? Is the cabinet really trying to remove the president from office? If the author were truly concerned wouldn’t they announce it publicly and resign? Editor of Washington Free Beacon, Matthew Continetti joins Dan and Amy to discuss.

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The High Cost Of The Swamp

Do government regulations keep people safe? What is slowing down efforts to reform government? Why is IRS Commissioner John Koskinen still in office? Will Republicans embrace the President's agenda? Why are the President's policies being slow-walked within his departments? Ed Feulner, Founder and President of The Heritage Foundation joined Dan & Amy to detail the high cost of waiting to drain the swamp.


The First 100 Days Of Trump-onomics

How will President Trump's Buy American / Hire American protectionist E.O. impact the American economy? What doesn't Tucker Carlson get about Capitalism? Why are Republicans making tax reform so difficult? Dan and Amy ask Trump Advisor and Chief Economist at the Heritage Foundation Stephen Moore.

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Covering The Bases With Todd Ricketts


Opening Day in "Rickettsville." What's new other than the World Series Championship flag? How is Rickett's confirmation as Deputy Secretary of Commerce progressing? What are his feelings about the Trump Administration's economic priorities? Is he paying Kyle Schwarber enough? Would the Rickett's family be interested in buying the Bulls? Todd Ricketts gives Dan and Amy the play-by-play.

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FNC's Catherine Herridge: Ask Yourself These Questions On Stories w/ Anonymous Sources

Fox News' Chief Intelligence Correspondent Catherine Herridge joined Dan & Amy this morning to distill the resignation of Gen. Mike Flynn as Trump's National Security Advisor. Herridge discussed the basis for Flynn's resignation, the legitimate questions surrounding the role that leaks from the intelligence community played and how those leaks were reported.

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Inauguration To Highlight Diversity, Celebrate Unity & Honor Those Who Sacrifice

Taylor Mason, Press Secretary, Presidential Inaugural Committee, joined Dan & Amy to break down the Inauguration festivities this week and what the American people can expect. He asserts that the inauguration is a celebration of a peaceful transition of power and promises made on the campaign trail. 

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American Conservative Union Prez Explains Why Dems Are Targeting Trump Ed Sec. Nominee for Defeat

Matt Schlapp joined Dan & Amy to discuss Trump feud with Civil Rights leader and GA Rep. John Lewis, Dan's favorite MLK speech and its continued relevance, and why congressional Democrats are focused on defeating Betsy DeVos, Trump's nominee for Secretary of Education.

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The Cow Guy: You Can’t Rebuild Economies On $15/hr Jobs

Scott Shellady, Fox Business news contributor, joined Dan & Amy to discuss the first jobs report since Trump was elected. He spoke strongly about the need to grow the economy - specifically the debt-carrying middle class.

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Bolton: Not Likely To Be Part Of Trump Administration

John Bolton, Former Ambassador to the UN, joined Dan Proft & Amy Jacobson to discuss the appointment of Dan Coates to Dir. of National Intelligence, why the lack of deployed American aircraft carriers is concerning, and whether or not he will join the Trump administration.

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Steve Cortes, Trump's National Hispanic Advisory Council

On this edition of Against The Current, Dan Proft sits down with Steve Cortes, Trump campaign surrogate and head of Trump's National Hispanic Advisory Council.

Cortes, a financial services professional, explains how he went from Trump skeptic to Trump cheerleader and why Trump beat street expectations in terms of his percentage of the Latino vote.

Cortes, a native Chicagoan, also discusses Trump's focus on urban renewal and his willingness to call out the political leadership in Chicago for their failure to provide safe streets, good schools, and job opportunities.

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Fox News' Chief Congressional Cor. Lays Out Sequencing Of Policy Rollouts, Where The Challenges Lie For Trump Cabinet Picks

Earlier this morning, Dan Proft & Amy Jacobson were joined by Mike Emanuel, Senior Political Correspondent, FOX News, to analyze the sentiment in DC, why Republicans need to unite on their plan to repeal obamacare and more.

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Jed Babbin: I Don’t Think We’ve Seen The Best Candidate For Sec. of State Yet

Jed Babbin, former United States Deputy Undersecretary of Defense, talked with Dan Proft & Amy Jacobson about the important Secretary of State nomination. While he’s a fan of both John Bolton and Rudy Giuliani, he doesn’t believe we’ve see the best candidate yet. He also discusses the current state of many European governments and why Trump calling the Taiwanese president is being blown up in the media. 

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Sessions Will Have His Work Cut Out For Him As AG

Fred Foreman, Former Judge for the Nineteenth Circuit Court; Former U.S. attorney for the Northern District of Illinois & State’s attorney for Lake County, joined Dan Proft & Amy Jacobson to discuss President-elect Trump’s appointment of Jeff Sessions to Attorney General. He has worked with him before and believes he will make independent decisions, while taking his cue from the Oval Office.

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Congressman Roskam: Mike Pompeo Will Be An Excellent Dir. of CIA

Peter Roskam, IL Rep. for the 6th Congressional District, joined Dan Proft & Amy Jacobson to discuss Trump’s appointments of Attorney General and CIA Director. He also gave his opinion on what kind of Secretary of State Mitt Romney would be - if chosen.

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