tucker carlson

Economic Nationalism

Is Warren’s “economic nationalism” that Tucker Carlson is supporting just exporting inflation? Is the Fed doing what Trump wants? Does the economic outlook show that it’s not the best time to get into tariff wars with other countries? Are the jobs numbers slowing? Fox Business contributor, Scott "The Cow Guy" Shellady joins Dan and Amy to discuss.

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Does The Left Embrace Diversity Or Tribalism?

Tucker Carlson sparked a renewal of the diversity debate with much flack from those on the left. Does the left’s favorite saying “diversity is our strength” mean anything more than mindless tribalism? Why does diversity need to be given oversight by the federal government if it’s our “strength?” Why should non-behavioral characteristics define us? Isn’t categorizing people by gender, race, religion, etc. fanning the flames even more? Dan and Amy discuss what truly holds America together.

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The Left Is In An All Out Virtue Signaling Contest

Erase the history of our founding fathers? Change our currency? Monuments? Park names? Whatever the mob wants, right? Did Tucker Carlson rationalize slavery while rationalizing Trump? Is there any room for rational discussion? People in the media and big government politicians are in an out virtue-ing signal contest. Dan and Amy discuss the state of political discourse in the country today.