Liberal Commencement Speakers' 4 To 1 Advantage

Students and parents attend commencement ceremonies to celebrate an important educational milestone not to have their principles attacked. Yet, year after year, university administrators enlist politically liberal commencement speakers, who use the occasion as a platform for their personal views and political beliefs. In fact, Campusreform.com found that liberal commencement speakers outnumber conservative commencement speakers by 4 to 1. Can Illinoisans Follow the Logic of that disparity? 


Leftists Redefine The Lingo To Control Who Speaks

Dateline: McMaster University in Ontario. A professor who opposes the criminalization of "offensive" speech is shouted down. The Intolerant Left (a redundancy) believes it can create the world through the redefinition of words which ultimately leads to efforts to control what people think, say, hear and see. Dan Proft explains.