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University Of Chicago’s Fight To Fund Abortions

Why are mandatory student life fees being used to fund abortions? Why do students have to fund a practice they are morally opposed to? Brett Barbin, a University of Chicago undergrad, joins Dan and Amy to discuss his experience being the target of the pro-abortion mob after he propsed removing the funding of abortions from student life fees.

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Google And Facebook Dominate

Are Google and Facebook monopolies nearing the threshold for antitrust prosecution? Are these big tech power players acquiring every potential threat to their dominance? Is there something that should be done to counter their influence in our political system? Is the greater threat to competition for the consumer the big companies in the tech world or government regulations? University of Chicago Economist and co-host of the Capitalist podcast, Luigi Zingales joins Dan and Amy to discuss.

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University Protests: Activism or Antipathy?

Does the election of a President some find controversial, give protestors the right to resort to more aggressive tactics to make their point? One University of Chicago student thinks so. 

Kathleen Murphy, Dir. of Communications, Illinois Opportunity Project, headed to campus to see if his peers could "Follow The Logic". 

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