City Of Elgin Vs. Compassion For The Homeless

Greg Schiller generously offered his basement up as a shelter for the homeless during this blistery cold weather. As soon as the City of Elgin got word of this makeshift shelter, they shut it down due to violations of the city’s ordinances. Why is the city more concerned with hypotheticals than Schiller’s definite knowledge of these people potentially freezing? Managing Director at Light In The Darkness Ministry, Greg Schiller joins Dan and Amy to discuss his fight with local officials and how he plans to respond.

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Affirmative Action Can Lead America Down Dangerous Road

Trump revises and extends his remarks on Charlottesville and garners thanks from the mother of the woman murdered on Saturday. But, where was law enforcement in Charlottesville? Are Americans choosing to ignore the country’s history in taking down statues? Are the Confederate statues reflective of American values? Is the US going down a dangerous road in giving special privileges to certain groups of people? Eminent George Mason University Economist, Walter Williams joins Dan and Amy to address the politics as religion crowd and their church of group identity.


Outrage Over VP Pence's Marriage

Dan & Amy speak with Blaze.com columnist Matt Walsh about what a monster Mike Pence is. Walsh, the author of “The Unholy Trinity: Blocking the Left’s Assault on Life, Marriage, and Gender” gives his thoughts on where the outrage over Mike Pence being faithful to his wife and creating boundaries within his marriage comes from.