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Brian Lamb Reflects On 40 Years At CSPAN

Has the D.C. political culture changed much in the last 40 years? How has CSPAN adapted to the changing ways of how people receive news? CSPAN founder, Brian Lamb joins Dan and Amy to reflect on 40 years of programming, interviews and Beltway politics.

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The Power Of The Individual

Have we been best served from the political fodder on both sides in D.C? Does the Left believe they can make better decisions for you? Is the trouble with political parties that they only care about winning? Former HP CEO and Presidential Candidate, Carly Fiorina joins Dan and Carol Roth to discuss her new book: “Find Your Way.”

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Protecting Congress

In the wake of the Arlington Shooting, Congress is moving forward with the Comey Hearings and Healthcare debate. Given the recent attack, should rank-and-file Congressmen receive enhanced security details? Reports indicate that Senate Republicans are prepared to take aroll-call vote on Obamacare Replacement. How close are they to passing Healthcare and moving on to tax reform? Congressman Adam Kinzinger (16th Congressional District, Illinois) joins Dan and Amy to discuss the continuing fallout from the shooting and other news from the Hill.

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A Conversation With Michelle Malkin

On this edition of Against The Current (ATC) best-selling author and syndicated columnist Michelle Malkin answers the operative question of the 2016 election cycle, "How did we get here?"

Malkin points to the lack of serious attention to border security and illegal immigration as the primary factor in the revolt that spawned Trump. Malkin also addresses #NeverTrump conservative intellectuals and the decline of civic and civilizing institutions including the Catholic Church.

The most comprehensive chronicler of DC corruption over the past twenty years, Michelle Malkin on this pre-election preview installment of ATC.

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