welfare state

The Unpopular Keys To Ending Poverty

Would big government politicians like Rep. Ilhan Omar rather funnel more tax dollars into failing federal programs than listen to people like Latasha Fields who are actually making a difference? Ministry and Homeschool Academy founder, Latasha Fields joins Dan and Amy to discuss the dismissive, anti-Christian slights Rep. Omar delivered during her congressional testimony on poverty in America.

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The “Scandal-Less” Obama Admin

What are the details now coming out in the Senate report that continue to expose the lies Obama told Congress and the American people about the Iran deal? How do we fix the near-insolvent social security fund- make it bigger? Associate Editor at Commentary Magazine, Noah Rothman joins Dan and Amy to discuss.

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Elder And Proft On Kanye, Race, And Trump

Is the Democratic Party detrimental to black Americans? Can the GOP convert minorities without dismantling the welfare state? What effect does the left-leaning media and academia have on culture and opportunity? In this special episode of Against The Current, Bestselling Author and nationally syndicated talk show host Larry Elder, 'the Sage of South Central' joins Dan Proft for an in-depth discussion on race, culture and identity politics in America. Elder also explains Trump's likeness to Reagan and why Kanye is good for conservatives.