Trump Is Winning Ugly

What a contrast, right?

At the same time President Trump was stumbling through his post-game presser with Putin which necessitated a next-day contraction retraction, former President Obama was in South Africa treating the world to his soaring rhetoric thereby reminding us how good we had it.

That’s the DC press corps’ version of events.

Unfortunately for Democrats, Obama’s tawdry sentimentality and Life’s Little Instruction Book maxims hold up about as well over time as do his policies.

Obama got away with congenial disdain for the Bible-and-gun clingers but his political progeny—not to mention his administration’s apparatchiks—are not nearly as adroit.

Obama’s veiled invective is weak tea compared to his former CIA Director’s call for a firing squad.

Obama’s cliché-ridden claptrap lacks the appeal of Adam Schiff’s Manchurian Candidate conspiracy theories or a Business Insider deep dive on bugging soccer balls.

Obama served as a veneer for the Left’s ugliness.

Trump has unleashed it and marginalized Obama as a political asset in the process.

Now Trump leads the Left’s parade of horribles around by their P-hats in full public view.

It’s messy. And Trump is sloppy. But, like the 1983 Chicago White Sox, Trump is Winning Ugly.


My (Ted Cruz) Plea to Trump Supporters

I have a plea for Trump supporters to consider. I respect the anger and frustration you have with the political elites in both parties. I’ve demonstrated as much during my time in the Senate.

You’ll note that when I called out Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell for lying to me, that didn’t win me too many friends.

You’ll note that when I was prepared to shut down the federal government—which is DC speak for the temporary paid furlough of less than 20% of the federal workforce—over Obamacare that didn’t win me too many friends.

You’ll note that I took a principled stand against the federal government being in the business of picking winners and losers in the energy sector in advance of the Iowa Caucus. That didn’t win me the friendship of the popular Republican Governor of Iowa who said, vote for anyone but Cruz.

So I’ve brought my Texas swagger to the US Senate and to this campaign. And I’m ready to bring it to the Presidency to help you get your swagger back.

When Donald Trump says we don’t win anymore, he’s right. Not like we should. In fact, we don’t even try to win for American families who have played by the rules only to be scammed by the government they finance.

But how we get to where we want to go and who we select to lead the way will make all of the difference.

I understand the entertaining, un-PC, no-nonsense appeal of Donald Trump. But it’s not enough.

We don’t have to rationalize away our conservative values, the way we conduct ourselves or the way we treat others to win again.

Please consider where you will land before you jump.

For seven years, President Obama demanded he get what he wants when he wants it regardless of the rule of law. His wants may be different but isn’t Donald Trump saying the same thing?

Are we going to replace the rule of Obama with the rule of law or the rule of Trump?

For seven years, President Obama has issued edicts not presented ideas. Those of us who opposed him were ridiculed and marginalized and targeted by the IRS and the Department of Justice.

Are we going to replace the edicts and abuses of power with the rule of law or the edicts and inevitable abuses of power of Trump?

For seven years, President Obama channeled the disillusionment of Americans to destructive ends that limited our freedoms and undermined our culture.

Are we going to replace Obama’s cynical politics of exploiting those who have been hurt with Trump’s cynical politics of exploiting those who are angry or are we going to funnel that energy into reclaiming our country, reestablishing the governing principles upon which it was founded, and defending our core cultural values?

I ask you to reflect on these questions and consider the implications of your answers.

For if we don’t, four years from now “winning” will replace “hope and change” as tragic punchline fodder for bumper stickers.

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