zach wood

Shame Mobsters On The Rise

Williams College grad and self-described liberal Democrat is an advocate for uncomfortable learning. Is there any more room on the Left for him? Is the new ACLU statement on free speech contain an unnerving chilling effect? Zach Wood, author of Uncensored, joins Dan and Amy to discuss the recent silencing tactics of the left.

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Zach Wood On Free Debate And Thought On College Campuses

Everyone claims to support free speech, but do they actually? Especially at institutions of higher learning, hearing a wide range of perspectives is not often embraced. Zach Wood, a recent graduate of Williams College, is fighting to change that. On this edition of Against the Current, Dan Proft talks to Wood about his advocacy for intellectual diversity and honest, free debate on college campuses and why he thinks higher education is not more supportive of free speech. Wood, though a progressive Democrat himself, also critiques the Left's hostility toward differing opinions. And Proft and Wood dive into their wide range of policy disagreements – from education issues to welfare and much more – in an in-depth dialogue you won't be hearing at many universities, but should be.